Wednesday, January 25, 2012

He said what?

We've been talking a lot about boys and girls with our big ultrasound coming up (FIVE days, people!) and I guess it's caused Brady to realize a few things that essentially led to this coversation the other day.

 :: Brady comes running in from the bathroom::

"Brady have little pee pee! Mommy no have pee pee anymore!"

Me: ::oh crap....wait, anymore? I had one before? Hmmm, what to say, think, Amy, think!:::

"Yes, mommy is a girl and Brady is a boy!''

Brady: Uh, huh!

We haven't really taught the proper names yet because he started calling all parts a 'pee pee' and I figured we would 'go there' when he was a bit older.

Well, I guess now is that time.

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