Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Brady VS Baby

I feel like this pregnancy has been totally different. Everyone asks me, "Do you think it's a girl this time?" or 'Are you hoping for a girl this time?' The answer to the 2nd question is the cliche answer. As long as the end of this, baby and I are here and safe, I don't care what parts are between that kids legs. I feel like this pregnancy has been so different!

Morning sickness:
Brady: I was sick from the moment I peed on the stick at 4 weeks to about 22-24 weeks. I didn't gain a single pound till then and packed it on from there.  I wasn't just nauseous but I threw up all.the.time. I think it was after about 12 weeks, I finally caved and told my doctor I couldn't do it anymore. I was miserable. They prescribed me something, it didn't work and when I switched to Zolfran, it was amazing. Brushing my teeth wasn't fun but I wasn't throwing up anymore!
Baby: It has been hit or miss this time around. There were several weeks, it was bad but I never threw up. (It coincidentally stopped around the time I was cramping/bleeding which freaked me out more!) Brushing my teeth is still not fun this time around and seems to be worse now than it was before but the gagging has never led to me loosing my lunch! I have days when I just feel like crud but I'll take it over the pukies any day!

Brady: I can't remember but I remember being mildly tired. Nothing I couldn't handle.
Baby: Total, utter exhaustion. Motivation? Ha, I laugh at it. Seriously, I can't get anything accomplished and I'm ready to start feeling like I can focus! I'm ready for bed by the time I get home from work. On weekends, I nap when he does which I'm more than thankful for since I can't do that any other day. If I can't get one in on those two days, watch out. Mean Amy comes out. Add in a toddler who decides sleep is for the weak and I'm just tired. I think Brady is just preparing me for the lack of sleep to come, how sweet of him!

The bump and bloating/gas:
Brady: I remember being bloated but didn't break out the maternity pants till almost 15-16 weeks and it wasn't because I needed them. I started showing around 19 weeks.
Baby: I felt like I looked pregnant the second I peed on the somewhat inconclusive stick. I broke out maternity pants around 10 weeks because, they are so comfy! By 15 weeks, I could still wear my regular pants but only if I didn't want to breath. I'm ready to look pregnant though and not just like I ate too much. The bloating this time is way worse....and excuse me while I mention the burps! Oh, those are so lady like and I'm sure the ladies near my office love me right now. I have really bad reflux lately too which is so not fun.
Cravings/Food Aversions:
Brady: I loathed eggs and meat for the first 4 months and off and on. I really couldn't eat eggs till Brady was a few months old. Saltines even made me gag as well as anything that tasted like it had ginger in it (in attempts to help morning sickness!) Until m/s subsided, I live on fruit, smoothies, mac and cheese. Down the road, I was obsessed with grilled cheese sandwiches (which bacon and dipped in Ketchup!) cucumber salad and cheeseburgers.
Baby: I went through an obsession with salads (more so with Ranch dressing which is odd for this oil and vinegar girl,) fruit (especially strawberries), and green beans. I am loving hard boiled eggs too which is funny because going near an egg made me sick with Brady! No real aversions yet but sometimes, chicken makes me want to gag. I will tell you that the height of the morning sickness, I was at the mall with Brady and between those damn people who shove samples in your face and the others shoving lotions and perfumes in your face, I was about to turn into the crazy pregnant lady, for real. Now, I don't have any strong cravings but I am loving chocolate, water, strawberries and sandwhiches with lots of mayo!

The girls:
Brady: They got pretty big but that was about it. No tenderness, nothing.
Baby: Whew. From about 4-8 weeks, nothing was going near those things! I mean it, don't even go near them! Showering? Ouch! Now, in the 2nd trimester, they are still kinda tender not to mention growing like weeds! Pregnancy leaves me with no shame so if I've shared too much, sorry!

Things I hope are different:
The birth: Well, that was a given! I am so nervous about how this will play out, especially with the possiblity that I still may have low platelets. Lots of praying for this girl.
Swelling: Oh, my! I was told it's usually better the 2nd time around but people are already joking when my tree trunks and sausage toes will come out this time! It was bad, people. Bad! My entire body swelled, my nose, my face, my legs. It was awful.
Carpel Tunnel: I'm sure the swelling has part to do with this but I'm hoping this stays away too.
Anterior placenta: I had one w/ Brady and hope that it develops in all the right places but I kinda think we have anothetr AP!

I guess we'll have to wait and see on those. I have been feeling movement here and there and can't wait for it to be consistant!
Speaking of, my dreams have been insane. I don't remember if I had those with Brady or not but man, they are so weird and vivid! The last one I remember, more so because I can't stop laughing about it but I dreamt that Brady had long armpit hair! I've had several dreams about the baby, all which I am holding a little girl. I go back and forth on what I think this baby is but we'll find out soon enough!

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Julia said...

Love these comparisons---and the dreams!! Mine are crazy, too, but never involving arm pit hair. :)