Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The way of life

Things have been quiet around here and I really have been lost for words. A lot of crappy things have happened to too many people and it just sucks. About a month ago, a friend's nineteen month old daughter was diagnosed with Leukemia while on vacation visiting family.

I can't tell you how many times I found myself in Brady's room, just watching own child sleep and just soaking him in. I can't tell you the last time I took a moment to do the simple task I spent  the first week of his life doing. I walked into the darkness of his room, kissed his forehead, and watched his chest rise and fall with each breath. I sat down, grabbed his hand and we prayed for that little girl.

They are moving cross country and will welcome their second child this January so please send some prayers their way.  (O, you have lots of people rooting for you!) I plan to walk in September at Light The Night for her and my coworkers son. Here is her Light the Night page and any little bit can help...even signing up to walk yourself!

On the bright side, my friend got new boobs today...and it is the last step her journey through Breast Cancer. She's a rock star for sure!

We celebrated my BIL's birthday last week and that was another first that we survived. After you lose someone, the first year of holidays and special days are just tough and it is just the way of life we just seem to know but we made it through a big one.

On a lighter note, my child officially has the worst new word ever. Doo-Doo. While walking outside with the sitter, she told him not to step in the doggie doo-doo that someone ignorantly left on the sidewalk. He runs around the house saying, "puppy doo-doo!'' all day long, except for it sounds more like puppy doe-doe.

That kid....his personality makes life so much more interesting and leaves us laughing through it all. He's got his own little unique personality. I've known that since the day he was born, which explains the fact that the kid can say, Puma, Peacock and Giraffe, and can tell you the sounds that a snake, bee, mouse (he shrieks, it's hilarious) and other less 'common' animals. Ask him what a cow, duck, or even a dog says and he looks at you like you have 3 heads. It's our way of life and at least life will never be boring with him around!

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