Monday, August 22, 2011

Training the beast

Only a mom could write a post that includes undies, pee-pee, poop, and Elmo. 

I seriously cannot believe I am about to say this but I bought my child undies this weekend. I think I wept a tear because there is no way my baby is near that age. Nope. 

Now, before you think I'm nuts...while I think he shows a few signs of readiness, he's nowhere near there. I've posted about this before but he has struggled with rashes on and off since last summer. I thought it was a summer, heat related issue but it.never.went.away. Ugh. 

The breaking point was watching my child scream bloody murder in the tub this weekend and has not wanted to get in all week. I don't want him to associate pain with something he loves. He literally laid on his belly  watching Sesame Street and then fell asleep on me, which I loved but not under those circumstances. It breaks me heart but it literally makes changing diapers hell for both of us. I've tried just about everything under the sun, ever cream, ever kind of diaper, prescriptions (he also gets eczema with the yeast rash,) nakie time, cornstarch, baking soda and are now trying cloth wipes, tea tree oil and running around in undies just to give his booty a break. Literally, I think we've tried almost everything, short of cloth. 

I've contemplated cloth but I kind of feel like he'll still have the same issues as long as there still is 'pee-pee' and Brady's 'do-do' touching his skin. If anyone has any other ideas, I'm all ears. If you want to hear more about my kid and his skivvies, read on!

So, we broke out the undies and let him run around. He LOVES them and was super proud. It was fun until I heard, 'Uh, oh, pee pee!' and found him in a big, wet puddle. I realized then, I was probably the one that was least ready in this house. I talked to him about how we pee-pee (which is one of his most used words...right along with doggie do do) on the potty. After I cleaned it up, I looked for him but couldn't find him. He had ran to the bathroom and was sitting on his potty! I think he should get an A for Effort, even if it was a tad too late! 

It's always nice too when you're at Target using the bathroom and he's screaming, 'Momma pee-pee!' I'm sure there are/will be worse things to come out of that mouth. 
That's my life. My child running away from me. Sigh. At least he's pretty darn cute in those Elmo undies. 

Speaking of Elmo, he is IN LOVE with Elmo and growing more so with all of Sesame Street, which makes me smile because it's something I grew up with. It's funny to watch it with him and think my mom did the same thing years ago. Here is a short snippet of him naming all of his favorites! (We had just made playdough and I'll post the recipe we used later this week!) 


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I know how bad this sucks!! We have had the same struggle with a persistent rash - yeast and eczema combined - and I think we've finally found our cure.

First, we use prefolds with covers. The cotton is very gentle on his skin. We never use wipe solution anymore, only cloth wipes with water. Next, I use California Baby Calendula Cream on his bottom and the insides of his legs (where he gets the rashes). I put it on every single time I change his diaper and after his bath. When I see any sign at all of a rash, I coat the red spots with neosporin. Isaac's rash was turning into broken skin (break my heart!) so I started using the neosporin to heal the skin. But I've found that putting it on even when his skin is just red prevents it from getting worse. And I put the Calendula Cream on over the neosporin.

Regarding cloth - we do use cloth diapers, but we've used disposables too when trying to figure out the rash issue and I saw no noticeable difference between using prefolds and using disposables. We used the Target brand. I know it's different for every baby/skin type, but for us, cloth vs. disposable didn't make a difference.

Good luck, Amy!

Julia said...

Oooh, I had to read this closely because at first I thought Brady was WAY ahead of the game getting potty trained super early! Amazing.

So sorry you are dealing with The Rash From Hell. We haven't had the same issues but even a tiny rash is enough to annoy and scare me, so my thoughts go out to you as you try to figure out the cure.