Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Litttle Movers Slip Ons: Diapering a Maniac

If you have every tried to diaper a baby or a toddler that is active and mobile, you will know exactly what I mean. Diapering a toddler is like entering WWIII. It can be difficult. It can be dangerous and even explosive. If your child is anything like mine, he does not sit still. I swear he bounces and jumps all the time, even in his sleep! There are only a few times throughout the day when you need your child to not flail around like a maniac or trying to climb up your hair....diaper time! I think we have gone through the 'lets get this diaper changed as fast as we can' stage and the 'well, at least noone got any poop in their mouth' stage. It's just not easy when they want to squirm, wiggle and play a game of you can't get a diaper on me!

I've seen ads for Huggies Little Movers Slip-on and I have been quite intrigued. The thing about my child is that he thinks running away from me is quite funny, especially after bath time (because you know he HAS to walk from the tub to his room with the towel wrapped around him BY HIMSELF!) He then throws the towel down and runs away. He finds it so amusing (even though I always win), I call him the "DIAPER DASHER!"

I have found a few tricks for diapering my little runaway:
  • Bribing...wait, I'm just kidding, I mean I let him play with my cell phone. This usually does the trick especially if I have a fun toddler app for him to play! 
  • Stash stickers with the diapers. I put one on the back of his hand and by the time he peels it off, voila, diaper changed!
  • I sing a silly song about stinky Elmo or something that I pull out of my exhausted brain.  He finds it oh so entertaining.
  • I ask him where his body parts are. If he is distracted and his hands are busy, it goes much faster and well, it saves a change for grabbing things that well, shouldn't be grabbed.
  • A special toy or item. I have a few toys or things that he loves to play with stashed away near his diapers in case of a true diaper emergency. A choo choo train, nose bulb or a mini lotion bottle is our go to emergency diaper weapons of choice (my child loves lotions!)
 Do you have a nickname for your diaper dasher, wiggle worm or squirmy stinker?

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Linsay said...

Awesome product! We also loved our Bobee: Bobee Diaper Organizer & Wipes Dispenser

kyna... said...

Let's just be honest...bribing is awesome and works! I swore I would never do that, but it just works so well! I bribe Ellie with pickles... (seriously, that's what she gets excited about).

Thanks for the sweet comment on my latest post. I know Brady went through everything Ellie went through (I had been following your journey), so I know you feel my reflux pain!
♥ Kyna

Joline said...

I actually just saw a commercial for those diapers and I feel like it would actually be way more difficult trying to get the kid to stay still long enough to put a leg through each hole and then allow you to pull it up.

I run through random objects that Aubree doesn't usually get to play with (diaper rash cream, hairbrush, pacifier holder).