Friday, August 26, 2011

Soap Time: Review and Giveaway!

My child is a very, um,well, he likes to clean (which I hope sticks) and to be clean. He LOVES washing his hands, loves any sort of soap but I still worry about making sure they get washed well enough. We are introducing the potty and to me it's more of an important time to ensure hands get washed. 

When I heard about a product called Soap Time®, I was really excited to try it and I have to say, we loved it! I loved that it is a functional product that also teaches healthy habits. 

What is Soaptime®? It is a soap product that sits on a base that activates sound and lights when used. When the sounds and lights stop, that signals to the child that their hands are clean! It is recommended that we wash hands for at least 20 seconds and this is a great way to get kids to teach healthy habits! 

 The system includes 3 uniquely Themed Bottles: ABC, Earth, and Elephant, each recognized by the SmartBase®. ABC’s theme is language, Earth’s theme is nature, and Elephant’s theme is wild kingdom.  All bottles have educational themes narrated by Professor Goodhabits.  The music was written, produced, & recorded by Brian Vander Ark, of the Verve Pipe, which is pretty awesome in my book. I'll take him over cheesy kids music any day!  

The final verdict? Two thumbs and 10 CLEAN toddler fingers up! I think it would be a great tool to add to classrooms too (for you teachers out there!) because it is said that each kid gets an average of 8 colds a year! The CDS recommends that hand washing (you have to use soap!) is the best way to ward away nasty germs!

Soaptime is available at Bed Bath and Beyond and click here to find a location near you!

 One of you will win a set of Soaptime® products of your own! 

To enter:
Tell me what you like best about Soaptime or which bottle is your favorite! 

Please enter by September 2nd at midnight! 

Disclaimer: I was provided with a Soaptime set. The review, opinions and thoughts are my own. I really like clean kids and hate nasty germs


Joline said...

That is so smart! I love the light up idea! I like the green one (earth?).

Mrs.Tron said...

I think that's a great idea especially since we're in the midst of potty training right now and learning hand washing. Bella will definitely love to wash her hands with these. I like the ABC one.

Nicoleodeon said...

What a smart idea! Carly loves to make elephant noises, so I think she'd like that one best.

Katie said...

Love the earth one! Such a great idea! :)

Amanda said...

I love that it lights up and signals kiddos how long to scrub their hands before rinsing! Ingenious!!!

Danielle said...

I love that they light up for the appropriate amount of time for washing.

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Malia said...

i really like the idea of how there's sound and light. this would really help my daughter with washing her hands properly! i always have to remind her to wash her hands well!