Tuesday, August 2, 2011

21 months

Dear Brady;
Oh, little boy. You have morphed into a chatterbox this month. I'm not even sure I can even remember all the words you have in your ever expanding vocabulary but I can tell you that it is wonderful to witness. I really can't get enough-your little voice, the way you say each word and how you come up with the creative and silly things you do. 
Every time you see something, anything, you go 'oh!' like it is the most amazing or exciting thing ever.
Sometimes you call me, "momma, Amy'' which I think it pretty darn funny. Grandma's puppy has been staying with us the past week and after she jumped and licked on you, I taught you to tell her, 'No, down' but you've been telling her, 'NO-NO, puppy!" You say it all day even when she's not around.

You've sprouted a lot of new words like, 'boom-boom, uh-oh (instead of your usual, OH NO!), bubble, puppy, momma giraffe (well, momma everything,) Elmo, Papa (grandpa,) Baby Elmo, Beep-beep, Ding-Ding, Mina (Marina a character on a show,) dinner, boo-boo,  just to name a few that you use most.

You also think that everyone can blow you a bubble and will ask!

You have to show everyone your boo-boo, even if it existed months ago.

Your excitement over the small things is apparent in my life. Daily. You also do not miss a single beat. You notice everything!
You love to help. Cooking, cleaning, putting laundry away. You are the best helper a momma could have! When putting away laundry, you like to hand me the hanger and I hang it up. You even know where your jammies and short go. You are getting quite good at wiping your own face and would much rather use a fork than your fingers!
You are a busy bee all day. You still love legos, arts/crafts/coloring, blocks, books but have really started getting more into cars, trains, baby's (like your stuff Elmo, Scout, horse, etc), figurines (like Little People, Horses, etc) You have names for each one and interact with them. It's adorable.

You are so perceptive. You make the little noises I do (like, tsk tsk or a big sigh!) complete with hand gestures and it cracks me up. I really have to watch what I say and do. You are my little mimic! You've started sitting on your chairs, hands on your knees and then you have to cross your arms like momma does sometimes!
But....then you do silly things and those are not always the safest or the best use that toy or household item! You are a jumping bean. You literally jump up and down, up and down. You've learned to walk backwards too. You still remember how to 'march' and climb up on the fireplace hearth to march up there. Mommy cringes everytime!
I've talked about this so much, little man but you have your own sense of style. You now like to pick out your own clothes and even though we like to stay in our jammies longer on the weekends, you tell me when you are ready to get dressed!
You love to wear momma's shoes, daddy's too.
Momma is pretty excite that you're hair has finally started growing all the way back in and the curls are back! Somehow, they look different and I think it's because you look so grown up to me.
You're love for outside hasn't changed. In fact, we've had a Heat Advisory for the past 3 weeks and it does not bother you one teeny bit, red cheeks and all.
See how happy being outside make you? Your smile is like a twinkle in the sky. It is so small in the big world but makes a huge difference in my life. Have I mentioned your laugh because know you tilt your head back when you laugh hard, like it is the funniset thing in the world. Sometimes, you'll even add a little 'ha-ha' to it and it makes me laugh!

If someone does something funny, you will go, 'Oh, Daddy' and throw your head back. Ah, the character you are!
Dirt. Rocks. Water. Mud. All rough and tumble you are. It cracks me up because when you're eating and you get food on your hands,  you want your them washed but you will play in the dirt till the cows come home!

See what I mean?  You are my little nature boy.

The other day, Grandma was moving some stuff into the basement and left the door open. You took it upon yourself to run outside. Luckily, I was on to you but you gave me quite a heart attack.
We've spent quite a bit of time outside and in the water with it being so hot. You love it. We think you might have a future in Life guarding, perhaps?
You developed some sort of allergy to sunscreen and broke out in an awful rash full of hives. So, mommy puts on a ton of clothes when we go swimming but you don't mind at all. Though, I have to remind you to keep your hat on!

You got to go to your first parade and had a blast. Fireworks are not your favorite thing, yet. Now you know why, Boom-Boom is a new word!

You are one of the friendlies kids and when someone comes over that we haven't seen in a while, you warm right up, grab their hands and show them your toys!

You are such a little character and some days, I feel like you are so grown up. Then, I see a picture like this and I seem that you will always be my baby as much as you might not want to be. You're very independent these days. You have to walk up the stairs by yourself and, 'do it' you say.
No matter what. You'll always be my baby.
I love you so and can't believe that in three short months, you'll be two.


Julia Goolia said...

how is he so big?!?! I love him and love his sense of style:)

Trisha said...

He is soooo dang cute! Love those dimples! I love reading these stories every month. :)

kyna... said...

He is getting so big Amy! I love watching him grow!
♥ Kyna