Thursday, July 15, 2010

The post where I talk about a lot of stuff

I went back to my surgeon today for a follow-up and I'm healing well! Good news is he said I can lift Brady as long as it doesn't hurt and stop doing anything that hurts. Then, we talked about our non-existing future baby 2.0. IF c-section is the case for the next baby, he said that he will work with the OB during the surgery to make sure that the mesh does not get ruined.

Most OB's do not have knowledge of the bowels and more than just to get that baby out so having him there would be best so that I don't have to go through the surgery again, or have them reattach mesh after the c-section (which happens a lot if the hernia reappears during pregnancy but the way he attached the mesh makes this less likely to happen.) Knowing that was so much more reassuring!

He also noticed a mole on my arm and showed some concern about the coloring and size. I showed him another that I have had as long as I can remember. So much so that I almost cried when he ended up burning it off five minutes later (and not from pain.)

It was right between my boobies and they don't look the same without their little friend.

It was a bit awkward when he wanted me to spread them so he could do his work but we are good friends now.

I go back in a month to see how I am doing and then he will remove the other mole and have it looked at for melanoma.

The fun never ends in this house! :)

So, what did I go home and do? Picked up bubba and we went shopping, and had a grand ol time!

Regarding yesterdays post about daycare woes, I hope I didn't come off as whiny or that daycare is the root of all evil. I am pro daycare..probably more than a lot of people...I mean I worked in one for over 3 years and watched how much it benefited the kids.

I remember how I loved those kids and treated them like I would have my own. I hope I find someone just like me back then!

I was just hoping that our situation would work out longer and it didn't. We have had too many issues with reliability and schedules that Brady needs more consistency. We got in many situations where we had no idea who was going to watch him, and there were many times one of us had to take off because someone canceled last minute. It's been stressful in some ways so consistency for us will be good too.

We got lucky in the retrospect that my mom was unemployed and had plenty of time to devote to her favorite grandchild. So, I am putting on my big girl pants and looking for the perfect person to take care of my favorite baby!

I'll be honest though. There might be some tears.


Sarah said...

I am so glad to hear that you are allowed to pick up Brady again! That is wonderful news. I can also only imagine how hard it must be to trust your precious baby to strangers, but you are such a good mom that I am sure you will work hard to find a good fit that makes both you and your son happy. Congratulations again!

On the topic of the mole, I have one on my boob and one on my hip. I've always been terrified that I might have to get rid of one and that I would feel very strange about it. :)

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I am so glad to hear you are healing well!!! AND you no longer have to bother with what about next time I am pregnant
The daycare debate is HARD!!! I started Tucker right off the bat b/c I knew that was the easiest time because he didnt' know strangers. As far as consistancy...its the best move ever. He is so scheduled and it makes my nights easy peasy! As far as germs, there are more. My doc. doesnt' like them as young as Tucker in daycare but I had no other choice. He has done well though so far. Ear problems, which aren't daycares fault. I would say germs are the BIG fall back.
As far as wearing him out....they wear him out all right! And he loves the other kids and it does great things for his vocab and mastering skills!
You will know in your heart which daycare is right. Tucker's daycare is about 25 kids so it makes for a easier adjustment

Maria said...

I'm so glad you are healing well, and that your doctor will be there for your next child, should you need a c-section.

I have quite a few moles myself that I'm thinking about getting removed.

Sarah said...

GOOD news from your doctor, amy!! now you can cuddle with your little man and hold him and smother his cute cheeks with kisses all you want :)

ens said...

jeesh that is a lot going on. I'm happy to hear you're recovering well.