Monday, July 12, 2010

Blah-blah daycare? What?

That is kinda the mood around here. Blah.

Blake had to change his schedule at work per his boss. So, he has to be there by 7 which leaves me to be the one to come in late. Problem is if I work late, I don't see my child. I could work 9-5:30, the hour plus trek to get home and it's almost 7, and he goes to bed around 7:30. See my dilemma?

My mom was watching and helping out a lot after my surgery but she just got a new job, and we can't ask family who have been watching him to watch him at 6 am.

The only solution might be daycare. It literally kills me to write this. First let me say I have no issue with day cares. I worked at one for over 3 years in college and loved it. It just sucks that at almost 9 months old, he will have to go. He isn't a newborn anymore and he will know they are strangers. Plus, the added germs. There are a lot of benefits too so I keep trying to focus on that but the fact that I have to hand my baby over to a stranger is basically killing me. Luckily, he loves people so I know he will be okay but I might not be!

We haven't decided this 100% because my niece is willing to watch him a few days a week but once school starts, we might be in this boat again. I think the consistency would be good for him too. Plus, the interaction with other kids. He LOVES other kids but I loved the fact that he was with family.

We had a really great set-up that allowed him to be home for most of the week, and I should be thankful we got to do that for as long as we have.


Sarah said...

oh, bummer! well, if you DO end up using a daycare, i hope you're able to find the best possible one for little brady!

Julia said...

my two cents: they aren't "strangers" for long if you get to know and trust them. It's super hard and I hate it to death but if you make friends with the 'teachers' and go out of your way to ask questions and strike up conversations you really do feel more comfortable.

Plus the socialization at 9 months for Brady will be awesome! I wish I could have kept T out of daycare until about that age, then let him meet and interact with friends once he was bigger. Brady will have to be exposed to germs sooner or later with pre-school so might as well up his immune system now!

And yet, no matter how much support I give you I know it's effing hard. So hang in there mama!

Jennelle said...

I can't imagine how you feel about the situation, not being a mommy yet, but as a former daycare child--I LOVED day care! Seriously, how much fun, to hang out with kids your own age all day? And do activities and go on field trips? WAY more fun than hanging out at home with boring-o family members. ;)