Monday, July 26, 2010

On cloud NINE!

Dear Brady;

Again, I am going to say it! I can't believe you are nine months old buddy! When you were a newborn so tiny and so helpless, I kept trying to picture what you would be like at nine months old and you are more than I could have ever imagined you would be.

This was a hard month for mommy. She couldn't hold you for two weeks and let me tell you, I think it was so much harder on me than it was for you! You had both grandmas and many others spoiling you when I couldn't. I missed those moments more than I could even begin to describe.

Mommy missed cuddling and hugging you close most of all. When I was feeling better, we figured a way out that I could get some snuggles in.....and boy did it make mama happy!

Right before you fall asleep, you rub your ear and whatever is near you (me if I'm holding you or your sheets if you are in bed.) You smack your lips a few times and sometimes you let out a smile of contentment. Watching you sleep is still high on my list of favorite things to do.

You are so adventurous and you have no fear. You are already so independent and oh so curious.
We officially said bye-bye to those boring purees (though we basically said good-bye a while ago) and you dove head into real food like you have been doing it all along. Notice the noodle on your head?

You're pretty serious when you eat...
Trust me buddy, I won't EVEN dare to take your corn away :)
You officially have lots of toofers! You have two bottom teeth and a top tooth with more on their way.
You can clap and you do it all the time, especially if we say, 'yay!' It has to be my favorite thing ever! You will also look for daddy, Lily, mommy, or Piper if we ask you where they went! You love playing peek-a-boo, being tickled, reading books, and silly songs.
Music is one of your favorite things. If you get sad or sleepy, a simple song will put a smile on your face or send you to dreamland.
Your favorite thing to do is chase around the animals. Your face lights up when you see either one of them even when they run the opposite direction.
You have full run of the house. Cruising along the couches, eating dog food and searching for something to get into! You do not veer too far from mommy and if I move into another room, you do too! I have to say that I'm happy to be your favorite thing to chase! You even can stand up by yourself for a little while. You get the look on your face that is so adorable but full of accomplishment right before you plop onto your bootie!
When you are in your walker, watch out! You are fast and furious! My toes have been run over many times and you just laugh the whole time! You prefer to be standing or running around the house. I am so protective of you and each time you fall even though you do not cry most of the time, and if you do it isn't for long, I want that time to be the last boo-boo you get.
Your hair is finally growing back in and your bald spot is officially gone! You have the most hair on top and we still think your mohawk is the best thing, though sometimes we think it resembles Ace Ventura.
Other things are growing too-your vocabulary consists of da-da, na-na, lots of babbles and sounds....and growling. Yes, you growl. Sometimes the growling is so intense you have to shake your fists!
You had your first all day outdoor party and you had so much fun! Of course you hammed it up for everyone and you even played with some friends. You love spending time with friends and family and it amazes me at how content and fulfilled you are when you are with them.
The little boy you are becoming is so amazing. You are constantly smiling, laughing and giggling. I can hardly count my blessings because each time I do, you give me one more reason to count them again.

Your smile lights up my soul. It gives me a peace I cannot put into words. I can say how much you light up our lives and how much we love you.

I cannot get over the fact that in three months, you will have your first birthday. Like I said before, when you were so tiny and new, I had no idea who you would become, and everyday I find myself more proud at who you have become.

You are your own little person and shine so bright. We love you so much....

Oh bubs, please forgive me for posting this but I cannot contain the cute, adorable, squeezable-ness that is about to follow....



Mrs. Dirnberger said...

The milk allergy...well he has always been a snotty baby. And not to mention he was a puking baby forver!!!So my ENT doc said babies don't have outside allergies yet, any allergies they have are food allergies! SO, he said maybe its milk? So for a couple weeks we are doing no milk based products to see if anything gets any better. I will tell you this, the first week hasn't changed much :( Oh and his ears were draining too..another reason why we thought milk allergy! I will keep you postd

Lisa said...

awwwww BABY BUTTS! So cute! I simply cant believe that he is 9 months already!!

Julia said...

cuteness overload!!! Love him so much.

Sarah said...

haha, that last picture caught me off guard and your caption made my bust out loud laughing. and the noodle on the head makes me crack up, too!

Sarah said...


damn typos!! :)

Maria said...

Happy 9 months cutie pie!!!