Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On the road to nowhere

The past two weeks has literally been a fast forward..it just flew by and I'm skimming by trying to play catch up. I'm feeling back to myself but we have had two weeks of craptastic nights in which I think most newborns sleep better than this kid. I am at a loss. Teeth, growth spurt, separation anxiety, red bull in his bottle? Whatever it is, it needs to stop. I think it started as teeth and led us to a road of nowhere and I like going places. Last night, we were up oh......at least 4 times. Yes. 4. I have a newborn who is 9 months old. I'm thinking we have to be cutting another tooth. The top teeth are evil little beings and I thought the bottoms ones were...but I digress.

Lack of sleep=no motivation for anything other than dreaming of sleep and finding my next source of caffeine. Must.get.more.

Blake and I have started wanting to do something that is active while allowing us to spend time together, and we decided to start bike riding. I'm kinda excited because I used to ride all the time when we first started dating but then some evil doer stole my bike and I've never got back into it.

I'm not a runner--really though, picture Phoebe from Friends. That is me!

At least with a bike, I can look a bit cooler. That is before I fall off.

So, we are setting on new adventures and I'm pretty pumped. So, if anyone has any tips for riding with babies, let me know. We are looking at bike trailers that convert to joggers so if anyone has any recommendations, please share!

Also, if one can solve a miracle and get my kid to sleep that would be great too. Hell, if you can do that I might jump across the computer and kiss you but first I have to run and sweep out dog food from my child's cheeks.


Angie said...

If it makes you feel any better (which I doubt) Nick has been sleeping like crap too. Everyone says it's the four month wakeful period. He went from 6 hrs at a time to 2 if I'm lucky, it totally blows.
Have fun on your bike, that is really cool and I know you'll have fun with it!

Juggling Thoughts @ One Fine Wire said...

Hey girl, just found your blog and your family is simply adorable! So glad I found your blog!

Stop by One Fine Wire if you get a chance, I'd love to see you there!

So nice to meet you!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I have NO helpful hints to sleeping. Teething, we have a mouth full of teeth and even though it gaged Tucker I rubbed meds on his teeth before bed and handed out "teething tablets" like cookies ( you can find them at target).
Seperation....thats a tough one...I stay with Tucker in his room while he is tossing and turning in his bed for 2 minutes. Just so he feels my presence?? NOt sure if this helps yours, but Tucker falls right to sleep after I leave the room, I guess he feels I just didnt' put him down and leave him???

Mary said...

I can't help with the sleep, but will ask Jason about the trailers and get back to you. I think it's an awesome idea since you can all do it together. And just think of how wonderful it will be when fall comes! I can't wait! Do you have a bike already?

Julia said...

can't help with the sleep thang because dude, we have a 2-4 time waker upper over here, too. :) I blame teething and he doesn't even have a single one yet. Whoops!

But I have heard great things about the Burley brand for the bike trailers/strollers. Expensive but worth it.