Thursday, July 15, 2010

Belly laughs

So, a lot of the pic's and videos I seem to post is of this kid with no clothes on. I really do put clothes on him. We had just finished dinner and his shirt was full of avacados and other yummies so I had to take it off. I wish I would have thought to turn the camera the other way too.

The last few big laughs are my favorites. There is nothing more powerful and perfect than that of a big belly laugh from a sweet baby boy!

oh, one more thing....please ignore my annoying 'sneezes' but he thinks they are quite funny!

Holy cow, this might be record number of posts in one week! :)


LC said...

ummm...your kid is so cute :)

Sarah said...

dude you're right. there is NOTHING better than a genuine baby laugh :)