Monday, July 19, 2010

38 weeks inside and out

Oh my dear wild man,
Today marks the day that you were inside mommy's belly and outside this great world for the same time.

38 weeks to be exact.

You were born on a Monday night at 6:33 pm, and now at the same time, 38 weeks later, you are practically no longer a baby. No longer that tiny being you were once but a big boy who loves to clap, chase kitty tails, and mommy's singing (you might be the only one!)

When you were inside mommy's belly, you were so small, and we already loved you so much. We couldn't wait to hold you and tell you that and to see who you looked like. When we first met, you were so perfect, and though we didn't think it was possible, we loved you even more! Now at almost nine months old, you are ready to take on the world. You have started to stand by yourself and it's not doubt that your determination and strong will has something to do with that but we have found we love you more each day. It's amazing at how much you have grown in 38 weeks.
You were born 7 pounds, 5 ounces and has tipped the scales at 21 pounds, 12 oz and almost 30 inches! You are no longer my chunky baby but growing into a toddler ready to climb, and chase the dog around the house!

In 38 weeks, you learned to roll over, sit up, scoot, crawl, pull-up, talk, and so much more. I only wonder what the next 38 has in store for us, and only hope it does not go as fast as these nine months have gone.

In 38 weeks, we met you for the first time. Watched you hit milestones the first time.

We loved you more than we could ever thought possible.

Most of all, we became a family.


Mary said...

Aw, happy 38 weeks, Brady! I just can't get over those eyelashes!

Julia said...

sweet post amy! When I saw the US pic at the top I immediately thought you were pregnant again!!

Jennelle said...

What a cool milestone! Crazy to think about. :)

The Wilson's said...

love these posts, so amazing!

Maria said...

Happy 38 weeks little guy!

Josh Healy said...

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