Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nonsense, sleepiness, and unibrows

That is me right now. A ball of laziness. I am finding it hard to even answer my damn phone... laundry is piled up and waiting for me (we are going on two weeks here ladies!), the house looks like a monsoon hit, and don't even mention my appearance. I think my eyebrows have fused into the unsightly caterpillar like uni-brow. Yes, I am serious. I can't even tell you the last time I've had a hair cut......or wait..when is the last time I have showered? Just kidding on the last one....I think.

I have good intentions to get things done, and then I go to do them, and I just find something else to do (like sit here and blog.....priorities?) I'll be 12 weeks next week, so I am waiting for a burst of energy to come. I guess my ass will remain on this couch until this happens because I have officially turned into a sack of laziness. At least I have a good excuse. I do have to say that his past week has ALMOST been morning sickness free! Instead i have been more tired, and a bit dizzy! I'll take those over ms anyday!

I look around the house, and I am making lists in my head of what I need to do, what I want to do, and what I don't like. The lists are out of control. Like my dear green room, I still need curtains. Yes, every morning at the butt crack of dawn the bright sun wakes me up and still have not made time to buy curtains. I do have to say this is something that is going to get done soon because I might snap if I continue to be woke up.....

I am anxiously counting down the weeks--1 week and 3 days till I'm officially out of the first trimester (did you know it doesn't officially end until the end of 13 weeks? I do know), and I have 3 more weeks of school left! I am ready for both! Once school is out, I feel like I can actually concentrate on everything else! Get this, our FIRST anniversary is coming up too. I swear that was the fastest year of my life.

Easter was good, short but good. The baby even got some gifts! My SIL got us a sweet little baby basket and my lovely husband went to look at the onesie, and held it upside down. Let's just hope he doesn't do that to the baby that goes in it!

Remember this post about my damn table? Well, I finally spoke to someone in corporate who was a little bit snotty. She tells me that the pictures demonstrate that it is not manufactures defect, that it is from the way WE USE IT? WTF? Who would have thought that eating on table is wrong? What made me more upset was i asked to see the pictures that they took (i wasn't there, blake was...) and she refused stating it was 'company property.' She told me that i could send her my pictures though.

I refused to do that because i find it to be a waste of my time and filed a report the the BBB. She came back and rebutted by saying that she was going to allow me to send her pictures, but I have yet to follow through. The BBB asked if I was happy with that response? No effing way. All i want is the table replaced, or our money refunded. The thing that makes me so mad is that the warranty states that it would cover something to this effect.

Yep. Here is my table from my phone.
We will see what happens. Blake joked we needed to called Elliot from channel two (he is the You Paid for It guy, lol.) We need a new table, and I refuse to buy one since we JUST bought this one this fall.

Life can be so frustrating sometimes!!!


Jennelle said...

I agree, I think sleepiness would be much preferable to morning sickness. :) I hope you guys can figure something out about your table... What are you eating on now? Not that I'm one to talk... Our dinner is almost always eaten around our coffee table!

Sarah said...

well, that sucks that you're zapped of all your energy, but i agree, that's way better than constant nausea! and i laughed at your uni-brow comment. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh the unbearable need for sleep! . . . it does pass. I'm at 13.5 weeks and a few days ago started to feel more energized. I did laundry for the first time in weeks!! "they" say that 2nd tri you get your energy back, I'm on that track but not fully there yet. Sounds like you are close behind, hang in there :)

Mary said...

I think anyone would be exhausted with your schedule, much less in their first trimester. You're almost there! I can't believe it, BTW. Although it seemed endless for you, I'm sure, it seems like it went by fast! I hope you wake up at week 13 feeling good!

Katie said...

Sucks that they are screwing with you on the table...

I started feeling better at about 14 weeks...hang in there girl.