Monday, March 23, 2009

Im still alive.....i swear!

The past few weeks have been something I have yet to ever experience. I'll explain more later on.....

For one......go MIZZOU! Sweet 16? Oh, yea!

Then there are those things that just PISS me off.
1. Value City is a piece of crapola that I will tell the world of my hatred if they do not fix my damn table.

We bought a table from there this fall, and a month or so after we got it the finish started peeling off. Yes. It looks like someone took their fingernails and scraped them into the finish. The guy came out to look at it because we have a protection plan. Protection plan my ass. The guy said he has and i quote "never seen something like this before." We wait for more than a month or calling and hounding them to see what is up because they couldn't bother to call us at all or even call us back. Finally, Blake gets a hold of the manager who proceeds to tell us it is water damage.

Um, backup here. What? WATER DAMAGE? My ass it is.

I am speechless. After both Blake and I talked to the manager, I finally left a message with corporate and have yet to hear back. I will not let this go. I am beyond furious and we paid for not only for this table but for the protection plan. The only thing it doesn't cover guessed it. Water damage. I don't really use water on it to wipe it down since the table started peeing because i was so paranoid of this, and here we are. I should be able to wipe down my own table with a wet cloth but apparently NOT! So, if you must shop for furniture. Don't go to Value City.

2. Onto another place I don't recommend. A certain chiropracter in the St. Louis County Area. Valley Park to be EXACT. I saw this so called doctor this summer. When he found out that my car insurance didn't cover the ridiculous amount that he charged, he told me i was healed. When i told him i was still in a lot of pain, he shrugged me off and became the biggest asshole to me ever. I won't go into what he said, but he is a jerk.

So, I figured that it is almost April (more than 7 months later) that the bill was taken care of. Oh, i guess i thought wrong because i just got a bill for over $4,000! Yes, you read that right. I have been trying and trying to get this figured out. I think my lawyer finally has but we both have agreed that this place is shady. Not only did they 'fix' me after finding out my coverage, they refused to put it through my health insurance. REFUSED.

Apparently, even though i went to him because my insurance covered him, and I have up to 26 visits a year that are covered. It isn't. They have a 'company' that they use for personal injury claims. WTF? Don't you think they should have told me this from the beginning?

I just feel like they are screwing me over and there is nothing i can do. Luckily, my lawyer is dealing with it now and they will have to wait. The whole thing is just shady from day one. The bill even came in a handwritten envelope from a PO Box.

Anyway, I will have more exciting and happier news later on this week. Maybe tomorrow. :)


Emily said...

It sucks that Value City has been so crappy...I just bought a loveseat from them, but I don't expect much from them. The first time we went in the lady helping us couldn't figure out if they had one in stock or not...first she said they did, then they didnt, then they did.

That 'doctor' sounds really shady! I'm sorry you're dealing with so much shadiness!!

Mary said...

Holy crap! $4k?!?!?! How is that possible? That guy does sound very shady. And your Value City story only brings back memories of dealing with Sears and that just makes my blood boil! It's so frustrating to deal with those big companies when they just don't give a crap about their customers. I hope you get both issues all sorted out.

Marge said...

Go Tigers! :)

I'm so sorry to hear about that ridiculousness with your table and chiropracter... A good friend of mine in Ohio is a chriopracter and it stinks when those shady types give the profession a bad name... Here's hoping you get it all figured out soon!

Maria said...

I hope that Value City and that chiropractor get what they deserve.