Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wedding Outtakes!

i am a slacker and have yet to post any wedding pics. I had a hard time sizing them so i need to figure out something that works to not make the us look distorted. Any ideas let me know! I went ahead an resized them myself but some just don't look right to me. I also published and unpublished this post several times to make sure nothing was cut off so i apologize if you have seen this 499 times.

I was looking at them recently and these are the ones that make me laugh. .

Like this one.....

I obviously dance to my own tune......

I must be dumping it like a truck.....what? New dance move maybe?

One of the best before and afters......EVER!

This one cracks me up! These 'balls' i used in our centerpieces were a hit, (literally a HIT) and my uncle is having way too much fun with them! They had so much fun with them, and i don't think i had more than 5 left over. I had well over a 120!


I have no words for this one but to giggle.

This one is not funny without knowing what happened just after this. Notice the articles of clothing on the ground. Unfortunately, this was someones home. this someone didn't want us to take pictures there and threatened to stab us. Yes, we got threatened on our wedding day!

This man felt we needed a little color in our pictures. seriously, he said that. he also gave me rocks as in a knuckle shake because he wouldn't shake our hands. he said he picks his nose. I'm glad for the rocks!

don't worry, no Tony's were hurt during this process......

This one is a before and after.......

Obviously, I am not a fan of jack and coke.
(I think it has to do with a run in with it from my younger days, lol)
Last but not least.....
Well, at least we had fun!

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Julia said...

great pics! Why do you have to resize them for blogger? usually if you just add them as is, blogger will shrink them down accordingly to fit....are you storing your photos in iPhoto or something similar? if so, you should have an option of saving it in different set sizes so you don't distort the overall image.

Also, Marley and Me is horribly sad even for those of us without raging hormones....the movie is no better!