Wednesday, April 29, 2009

ABC game!

Jen over at Eggs Over Medium, gave me the Letter R to play with!
Here are some of my favorite things that start with the letter ARRRRR.......Reading: I loves me a good book. I haven't had time lately with this stupid thing call school and work but the last set of books I read was about the most loved vampire.....
Nothing is better than a good book and good wine....which brings me to

Red red wine....oh how i yearn for your sweet taste on my lips.....
ok sorry but its one of the things i miss most right now.

Relaxation (it's better when paired with Rest which I can't seem to get enough of!)
It's the best when paired with red wine and a good book! :) I was hoping we were going to get to take a second honeymoon, due to the fact that our first one was not all that we had expected (if you call 2nd degree burns fun, lol) but we must save time for maternity leave!
Oh snap! Maybe next year?
Reality TV: American Idol, The Bachelor, um, Rock of Love. Yes. I know.
I've started watching a new one called Tough Love. It's fantastic!

Roads less traveled. I love traveling. Love the beach, love vacations. I live for them! I love visiting new places....especially when there is a beach involved. Did I mention I love the beach?

This one is a stretch and a two parter: Real Flowers--mostly peonies!

Really bright colors...I love nothing more than a pop of color. Pink and green, of course!

Redo, Redecorate. Whatever you want to call it. Our house looked like it was stuck in 1982 when we bought it. Down the the ugly brown walls accented with the blue flowered wallpaper. I love to see before and afters......and love to see our hard work pay off!
Last but not least, in Google Reader. Sorry, no pic (laziness kicked it) It lets me stay all informed and stuff. :) Really, how could I keep up with the gazillions of blogs I read without it? (OK, not gazillions but there is a lot!)
Anyone else wanna play? If so, leave me a comment and I'll give you a letter to play along!


Marge said...

Ooooh fun stuff! The picture of red wine makes me want to leave work, open a bottle and sit on our front porch. But then again, I feel that way a lot! ;) I'll take a stab at the game... just don't give me X or something...

Eden said...

Fun post! I would love to have a letter! I'm finally getting back into the blogging world, and this would give me another post to write!

Eden said...

I forgot to leave my blog address in case you don't have it from the STLWED site!