Monday, April 6, 2009

I wish today were a Funday. Not just another Manic Monday

Today sucks. I'll be blunt and come out and say it right off the bat. I'll give you several reasons. Reason numero uno? It freaking is crappy out. It snowed this morning. Yes, it snowed it April. On opening day. I hate you mother nature.
#2 Oh, let's call it the fact that i think my teacher hates me. She is making me 'teach' the class today and all I wanna do is curl in the fetal position and go night-night. I would even settle for sleeping at my desk with my snuggie! That brings me to #3--- I felt great Thursday-Sunday. Then today, the day I need to feel good....I want to curl in a ball and die. I will tell you that yesterday, i took full advantage and got me some Steak N' Shake and boy was it good.

So, today is not a funday. I wish is were Sunday. Nope, sorry i take that back, I wish it were Friday, and the mood was right. TGIF!

On a positive note, thanks for all the kind words and comments about our little nugget. It is nice to see some new commenters coming out of lurk-dom. I have to say that the best comment award goes to Emily! "Especially when you commented about men not being able to aim a penis...haha he did manage to get you preggers!"

Thanks for the laugh--and if anyone figures out how to teach men to pee IN the toilet, let me know!

My darling husband told me the other day, that i was loosing weight. (Well, go figure when you go from eating everything in sight to not eating much at all) I really liked him at that moment until he said, ''Well, your legs and butt have gotten smaller, but your belly's getting bigger. Maybe your head just looks smaller because your body's getting bigger?

He thought he was being funny. He learned that it was indeed not.

On yet another random note, I need to post something about our green room! It's no where near done. I still am in search of a duvet cover i love. That damn one from West Elm is on back order until May! I put all this off because it well, was the last thing on my mind but its going to be my first priority when i get back to normal. If that ever happens.

Yet more randoms: This weekend is EASTER? Where have I been? I had no idea.....
What are your plans for Easter weekend?


Anonymous said...

Lurk-dom... like that one!

I can't believe it's Easter already! Heck, I can't believe it's been a month since I got married, eek!

Marge said...

I can't believe Easter is already upon us... I'll be going to Mass with my family because if we went to our church we'd miss brunch.

And that snow this morning was completely uncalled for.

Emily said...

I'm glad I could make you laugh! =-) I hoped my comment wasn't too inappropriate.

The snow today totally messed with my head and all I wanna do now is hibernate.

Easter has definitely come out of nowhere! I am looking forward to it since I don't have to work and my family (mom& dad, brother & his FI, and 2 of my aunts) along with T and I are heading to my FMIL's house for brunch. Complete with lots of alcohol. haha

mxq said...

blake is funny. :)

Sarah said...

hahaha. oh, husbands. what do they know?? :)

Jen said...

Hope you're feeling good!

Your letter is R :)

Mary said...

Oh boy, the next nine months are really going to be a learning process for Blake, huh? As always, you crack me up even when you're in a shitty mood. I hope teaching went okay.