Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Q and A....and a little rant

Ever since we have spilled the beans about our little bean, we have been asked 6,000 questions. The most asked question so far is: Are you going to find out the sex?
My response is usually: Hell, freaking, YES! I am too much of a planner, and like to know what to expect.

Are you going to have a natural birth?
My response: you mean without drugs? Um, hell freaking, no. I considered it, and the more and more i thought about it, I am too much of a worrier, and add in the back issues and I just can't imagine doing it without some kind of medicinal help, lol. The back issue is one of my biggest concerns right now because it has been really bothering me lately and I keep having these crazy thoughts that pregnancy/labor is going to make it unbearable for me. The accident is now officially something that happened last year, and something i think about everyday. I can't get into my awesome back doc for another 3 weeks so I'm in waiting limbo now. So, no natural birth for me. I do want to prevent inducing labor, and prevent a c-section anyway i can though.

Do you have any names picked out?
My response: No, we could hardly name our are we suppposed to name a human?Blake thinks that any name I pick is stupid, and/or is a last name for a first name. He apparently thinks that is dumb. I hope we can eventually agree on one but I don't doubt that it will be a last minute thing (like, hey honey, look what i just did....yeah, i just pushed out a giant human through there--yes, through, now you like that name. Ok, great.)

Was this baby planned?
Me: First of all, people are asking me if I planned to have a sexual encounter that resulted in a baby? No, we didn't if you want to know that bad. We planned on waiting till this summer, and boom, here we are. Does it make us less excited and less in love with this baby? Hells, freaking NO!

Are you excited?
Me: Of course! While I am not only excited, I am smitten with this little nugget. I am of course nervous about it all. Am I nervous about being a good mom? No. I've got that stuff down, i think, lol. Am I nervous about juggling this new addition into our lives? Yes! I am worried about leaving my child with someone else (i had a hard time leaving my animals when we first got them, lol.) Hopefully, we can work something out and find a good caregiver for our bambino! So, to answer another question: NO, i am not quitting my job. I would love to be a stay at home mom, but i don't think it's in the cards for us right now.

I learned that telling people you are having a baby, it somehow entitles them to give you advice, or to criticize you. I have had people tell me what to eat, and what i should be drinking. I have had a person tell me after announcing my pregnancy to coworkers that I should know that a certain person that I talk to maybe once a blue moon to is having problems getting pregnant, and she was upset at my announcement. My heart goes out to her, and I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Who was I to know? Should I have refrained from my announcement? No. Was it her business to tell me this? Hell, no.

I have a few others say some things and it just is annoying!!! I am eating healthy (when nausea allows, lol) and drinking my gallons of water (again, when nausea allows) It's my baby, and my body, who the hell are these people to tell me what I should do with it?

Rant over.

The most annoying thing ever to say to a pregnant lady is: Oh, is it twins?

Why? Do I LOOK like a bloated blubbery whale? Because that is what you are insinuating.


Trisha said...

Great post. Even though I would never ask someone if it was planned (that kind of seems offensive, in a way), or some of those other questions. Hmmm. . .

You were drinking a CAFFEINE FREE soda - you weren't smoking, doing drugs or getting wasted. LOL Some people need to mind their own business. ha

Sarah said...

you just made me feel so much better about the name issue, because every name i throw out, my husband HATES, and vice versa. i totally think it will come down to: "hey, i just pushed this kid out my cooch, so my name should win" in our scenario, too. :) [just kidding]

and wow, i can't believe how rude people are with their (ridiculous, unsolicited) advice!

Anonymous said...

Good answers!!

You know what? I want an unplanned baby, LOL. I'm such a planner and so anal, that I feel like I'll never be fully prepared so I would rather just be surprised, haha. Is that weird?

mxq said...

kristal! i totally get it! not weird at all.

amy- tell the a-holes to kiss it.

Maria said...

Oh, if it were PC to tell rude people to suck it, the world would be a better place. LOL!

N. said...

Great post! And I'm with Kristal, I think a 'surprise' would be awesome.
I can't wait to follow your pregnancy journey!

Angie said...

Great post. It sucks that people think they can just be rude and tell you how to do everything. I kind of experienced that planning my wedding. Everyone wanted to tell me how to do it.
I can't wait to follow your prego journey either!

Amy said...

lol kristal, no i totally get it. I am already dying to know!!! arg!

Emily said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog! =-)

Julia said...

People just suck sometimes....and everyone feels so damn entitled to their opinions about stuff that is none of their business. I can only imagine the rudeness you get when you are pregnant.

But try to stay true to yourself. I bet it only gets worse once you HAVE the kid and people have opinions about your parenting:)

Anonymous said...

I feel ya!! I've been asked all those questions too, plus more, and given advice from everyone and their mother!

Also the one about the co-worker who is having a hard time with infertility, experiencing that too. I'm so sorry she is going through this, but, does not mean my excitement or pregnancy should take a back seat. Not that I'm going around bragging it at all but I do have the right to talk about it if I want to. Some people! Okay, I'll all worked up no, need to chill out :)

Virtual "cheers" to you, with your Diet Pepsi and my Diet Coke! :)

The Pink Cupcake said...

Congrats on the pregnancy! Unfortunately, somehow people think that you being pregnant allows them to say whatever the hell they want to you. Next time someone pulls some shiz, just gasp really loudly and tell them it's a tumor and how dare they. Chance are they'll shut it quickly!

Sara H said...

Some of my coworkers tell me my face is getting fat! WTF!! When is it EVER ok to tell a woman that something on her is fat? That is a huge no-no in my book and completely inconsiderate and rude. I tell them at least I have an excuse. Just wait, you'll hear lots more unsolicited advice, stay strong!!!

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