Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why i laughed until i cried....

I don't think i ever posted this but Blake got a job! Woot--and it was THE ONE he wanted! Great news, right? So, he called his parents to tell him, and guess what his mom's response was--well, besides congrats?

you guessed it, it was about babies!

MIL: "well, now you guys can have a baby!', 'I just want to hold one."

Thinking that was the end of the story......he responded like, yeah.

No, here is the kicker. She says, and this is honest to god, word for word what he told me.

MIL: Actually, I want to have one.
B: Um, i don't think that is possible.
MIL: yeah, i heard about a lady in England who was like 65 who just had twins.
B: Well, i don't know if dad would be up for that.
MIL: yeah, i don't think so.

I truly have no comments but to say that i probably laughed for a good twenty minutes after he told me this, i laughed so hard, there were real tears streaming down my face. I truly cannot make this shit up.


Julia said...

Damn. Is she recently experiencing the Empty Nest syndrome or something?

I'd freak out if my Mom told me she wanted to have a kid right now. Eck.

Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

Yeesh. Me too Julia! Tell MIL to come over and hold Lily. Just put her in a swaddle blanket - voila! Instant baby.

Juan & Katie said...

Oh no! I would be so scared if my MIL said that!!