Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm back!

I am indeed alive, and I am back, and while i meant to post when we got back, time escaped from me, and I'm still worn out from the trip (and am getting ready to make another one this weekend!) and trying to adjust to a new family member.

We survived Tunica! I am happy to say, I had a blast! We won a decent amount of money, and didn't leave spending as much as we thought! I cannot get the sounds of the casino out of my head, and all i dream about is the wheel of fortune slots. Ding, Ding, Ding! I'll write more about it later, but it was a fun little get away!

We picked up our new addition to the fam on Monday! It is now Thursday and she still has no name. I am almost 99% sure it's a girl so if I'm wrong, I'll look like a total dumb ass but oh well. The first night she was so afraid of lily, but was so cuddly with us. Lily has been nothing but curious from day one, and wants to play until she starts hissing at her. Then last night, she completely broke out of her shell! She even touched noses with lily and batted at her tail! YAY! I was afraid she was going to hiss at her forever!

She also finally ate last night. I was worried because the first few days i couldn't' really get her to eat much but finally last night i got her to eat and drink. I have never had a cat before, and it amazes me the differences between them and dogs. She has definitely affected our sleeping habits because she's been trying to sleep on Blake's face. For some reason, he's not really down with that.

Anyway, I am leaving for chicago-land tomorrow for my friend Steph's wedding! Wheeee! Blake was supposed to go but got offered a side job making really good money, and with him being out of work, he couldn't pass it up. I'm definitely bummed I'll be going alone for the sake of driving myself nuts driving for 5 hours alone. I can only talk to myself so much without getting on my own nerves :)

I'll post pics tonight of the new kitty, who yes, still remains unnamed. On the way home from Tunica, we thought of a ton of names but not any that stuck. Paula Deen, Cotton (because of all the cotton we saw), Smoke (blake just loved this, and i was totally joking. ) and my favorite---Manheimer. I'll hopefully be back tonight to post some kitty and trip pics!

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Mary said...

Girl, you totally crack me up! I'm so happy to hear that IT and Lily are getting along and that IT ate. Have fun in Chicago this weekend. You'll owe us a lot of pictures!