Monday, September 22, 2008

GNO Explosion!

Last week, (I think it was last week), I met Amanda, and some other stlwedders at Growlers--which in fact DOES NOT have Strongbow on tap. They do have other ciders (yum) and this

lambic framboise......mmmmm. Currently, obsessed!

My boob, that i obviously got food on. I am like a child i swear!

Look at Amanda', she live s in La and is a BALLER!

Rhonda is explaining why you don't eat really burnt potato chips. I attempted to eat one, i wont lie, and they are not good.

Then, Pamela honored us with her presence and her new do, and we ordered cute little tasters. Blue Moon! YUM!

Now, I was nicely invited to Teresa's for a wine and a roaring fire this past Saturday.
you can see the few pics's i snapped here:

Now, I learned a lot about these ladies. Some of them like to wear knee-highs, a little sumthin -sumthin about public restrooms (only the mens though), and a few things i already knew--they kick ass, and can sure cook us up some good food! I swear i couldn't drink enough wine because i ate so much damn food. Teresa makes the most kick ass homemade bread, like ever. I think she may be my new BFF! :)

Thanks, girls for hanging out with me! lol. I can't wait for next month! I truly look forward to each one! You girls rock!


Mary said...

Yeah, I basically went home and exploded from all the food I ate. That's the trouble when there are so many choices-you have to sample them all!

Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

Awww yeah! I had a blast at Growlers. I'm so happy to have finally met you IRL!