Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The unveiling.....

Just to warn you, we got a new camera, so i am able to upload all our pics now, and have taken more so plan on a surplus of posts this week!

Remember, like a million years ago when i said we were working on our deck?

Here are a few before pics:

Notice, the color, and how it's chipping. BLAH!

Notice the lattice on the sides, and the UGLY UGLY color of the stairs and the bannister's. I shudder to remember what it used to look like.
This was the side of the deck, lattice. It was everywhere, and i hated it.

and the big reveal: The steps AFTER! Lily likes it.

and here is my one decent pic of the bannister's now.
I need to get pics of the underneath because it was covered in lattice, but also full of weeds, and other crap that the previous homeowner left.

Now, we also painted our house. It needed it bad, and it was a HUGE improvement. We had people drive by and tell us how great it looked! Here is before--this one is hard to see, it's from my phone.

and the one i have that is after........

The door before was a dark red, the shutters brown, posts were white, and the house was yellow. Now everything is white but the shutters, and the door. Now, we just need a new storm door. Soon to come--The FIREPLACE !


Amanda said...

Your house and deck look great! Are you guys for hire? :)

Juan & Katie said...

That all looks so great!! How impressive! I can't wait to see the fireplace.

Jennelle said...

The deck looks amazing! And it's amazing what a fresh coat of paint will do for a house.

Amanda, Mandy, Manda, Tomato said...

Wow! Mr & Mrs Bob Villa!! Looking forward to the fireplace pics!

Julia said...

It looks awesome, Amy. Great work!