Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Here we go again....

Life has been so busy. I swear I thought it would slow down after the wedding but nope. I guess that it our fault for the 4,9393 projects we have at home going on.

Well, it's looking like I am going in on Friday for a 2nd shot. :( Totally bummed, and ready for some sedatives. If this doesn't work, I have no idea what is next. That is the scary part.

Our TV/fireplace project is becoming more work than we thought..then again so does everything we touch. Somehow the place where the HDMI cable (and just so you know, that just because i know the name of it, doesn't mean i know what the hell it does) goes broke on our TV that is only about 6 months old. So, yesterday, the TV men (do they have another name, Sony men? hell i don't know) came to inspect it (only to tell us that it indeed isn't under warranty and if we wanted it fixed, we could pay $800, wtf?), and the geek squad (or the TV squad maybe?) came to re-hook up the surround sound. Right now, the TV is laying on our couch. which meant we were forced to watch TV in the bedroom, and I was forced to watch football.

I swear throughout the football season, I am almost like a widow on Sunday and Monday's. The computer is hogged too because of some football thing with real players and pretend teams. Fantasy football i hear it is called. :)

They even gathered together at our house to a 'draft'. Basically it was an excuse to hang up a really big piece of paper, drink beer, and talk about and idolize men in a manly way without looking like they want to date them.

::Sigh:: I wonder why i get so excited for Superbowl every means--football is over!

and because i like to have at least A pic in each post, here is one from the weddin' as I am still anxiously AWAITING (or is it waiting feverishly) for my proofs, or to at least see them.

Picture from Browers Photography


Maria said...

That sucks that you have to get another shot. I hope this one will do the trick.

Mary said...

Holy crap, you still don't have your proofs?

I'm sorry you have to get another shot. That did not look or sound like fun:(