Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tales of tantruming toddlers and other ramblings

We FINALLY had the Urologist appointment for the 'lump' I found on Brady's bits. It is a cyst and it should resolve on its own. Whew, whew and whew.  I'll spare my kid some humiliation but I'm just glad for it to be over. I am so not looking forward to puberty. This kid is staying a baby, forever! I had convinced myself he was going to need surgery and I've never felt more relief ever! Whew.

Remember those damn molars I've been complaining about? One of those evil bastards finally made it's way through. How did I know you ask? My kid was throwing himself down in a temper tantrum today at the doctor's office because he was tired, hungry and I wouldn't let him poke at a tiny newborn. While he was flailing on the ground, I saw the little sucker poking through.

This weekend, I stopped my child the second before my shoes were dumped into the toilet. That is something I never thought I'd say. Then again, I never thought I'd have two people stare at my kids nether regions and go, 'hmmm, let me feel it' Motherhood takes you to some strange places.

Then, I took him to the grocery store and the kid bit a chunk out of a bag of marshmallows, a tomato and an avocado. Yeah, the 17 year old cashier may or may not have given me a look like, 'don't you watch your kid?' Then, I gave the kid the 'I'm sorry but my kid is a maniac and you just wait.'

I believe my 14 month old called me, 'Amy' yesterday.

Organizing and toddlers are not compatible. Taking down the tree and putting ornaments while your child is taking them out and trying to throw the 'balls' does not make for a productive day.

I do not believe that is is a coincidence that the only animal my son knows the 'sound' it makes is a monkey.


Julia said...

I just laughed out loud literally at your toddler calling you by your first name. I cannot stop laughing actually.

Also, on a more serious topic, the post below is really sad. I knew a tornado hit down there but I didn't know it was SO bad.

N. said...

I love this! Reading your parenthood posts makes me smile. I love the honesty and the love in your stories.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

BAAAAHHHHHH. This sounds like my life every dang DAY!
We should get them together and let them break things :)

Maria said...

Brady calling you Amy made me giggle too. And I'm so glad that everything is okay with Brady!