Monday, January 3, 2011


I'm sure many of you have heard about the tornado's that hit the Midwest this past weekend. Today, I'm feeling more grateful and aware of a higher presence.  I can also say human generosity is a beautiful thing.

One of our friends lost his home in the tornado on Friday. When I say lost his home, I mean it is GONE as in there is nothing left but pieces of the foundation.

I had a chance to see it today and my knees were shaking the entire time. There was an angel there with them that day. I'm pretty sure I know that angel and can bet he had a part in it.

He told me the story of how they crawled into a small crawl space with his girlfriend, his father and their nine month old son. How he was working that day and stopped home to make sure his girlfriend knew that there was a tornado warning. How they should be planning a funeral.

Then, he went on to mention baby pictures and how in the rubble they hope to find them. I had to try not to loose it. I know how devastated I would be if I lost all of Brady's. Some things are not replaceable and hearing him say that is hard.

As I sat there talking to a friend who just lost everything he had, he was talking about how blessed and grateful he is to be alive. That put a lot into perspective for me as I  now sit here in my warm home full of stuff and overloaded with baby toys. It could have easily been us. It could have been you. He is so grateful just to be alive and here I was wondering what we are going to have for dinner. If I feel like doing the dishes and the laundry.

I know that I have not always taken all tornado warnings seriously but that has now changed and I hope you will too. I hope that you know what to do in case of a fire, or an earthquake. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not and many of those people have children.

For a tornado, click here, Fire and other emergencies to learn how to stay safe.

Count your blessing because they are plentiful.


Momma Wilson said...

Oh my gosh! We were driving home when all of this was happening on Friday. It was the scariest travel day of my life! I'm so sorry for your friend, they certainly did have an angel watching over them!

Leah said...

Wow. That is just complete devastation. It would certainly put things in perspective. I'm so glad that he survived.

Cecilia said...

How awful. I am so glad that everyone is ok. I can't even imagine. Does your friend need anything? Any

Sarah said...

WOW. just.... wow.

Happiness On The Inside said...

I also live in Missouri and am very thankful that we were lucky enough not to be in the direct path of the storm. My thoughts are with everyone who was effected by this event. I really enjoyed reading your blog and have nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award.

To find out more about this award please visit my blog at