Friday, January 28, 2011

15 months

Brady man,

15 months? Where has my little baby gone? If I asked you, you'd point to yourself and go, "me, me, me!"  
Each day little man, I see more and of a little boy and less of  the wee baby you once were. I can tell you that you have changed so much over the last month! It's not been the easiest month as you now have TWELVE...I repeat T-W-E-L-V-E teeth. It seems like yesterday you gave me a sweet gummy smile!

"Me! Me! Me!'

Your vocab blossoms everyday. You have so many words, I'm not sure I even know all of them. Eh Do No (I don't know) and 'Oh no!' new staples around here. Giraffe, Bra (zebra), dog, more (you wont say it unless I ask a 100 times,) Roar (lion), Amy, 'all done' There are so many more, I really just can't keep up!

You have also caught on to the fact that my name is not just momma but Amy. I hear you saying it around the house, in the car and at Target. In the car the other day, I heard you say, 'momma! Amy! momma! Amy!'
I know how smart you are but this just amazes me but I really wish you would go back to calling me momma. Mommy, ma, mom. Those are good names too.

 You can point to your eyes, nose, ears, belly, teeth and hair. This is what happens half the time we ask you to point to your nose.

You are always on the go. You never stop moving and are such a busy bee. This month you officially have lived up to your the whole toddler thing. Trust me. I'll spare you the details but one word has been rampant this month: Tantrums.
You love to do 'big kid' things and you want to do them yourself. Brush your teeth, put the lid on your sippy cup, talk on mommy's cell phone, 'clean' and  use your ball popper to 'vaccum." The broom is still a favorite on your list and even though you have your own, mom's is still cooler!

 We've had a lot of snow this month but we haven't been able to get out to enjoy much of it since it's been SO cold. You love to watch out the window and in your eyes, I can see the anticipation of spring. I can't wait to watch you run outside and I am so excited for this summer than ever!
I think we are nearing the time for your first haircut. Your hair has been getting in your eyes and the back of it is starting to get super long (ok, it resembles a mini mullet.) Of course, momma finds every single excuse NOT to do it. It's snowing. It's Tuesday. It's too cold. I just love your curls. When your in the tub they spiral up and grow into the perfect little molded rings. They are so sweet just like you. 

 You are just into EVERYTHING! In case you forgot the Brown Shugga Incident of 2011 and the latest TP incident, mom remembers. In fact, I have it all on camera. I can't wait to show your girlfriends.

(not the best picture but I had to show you the cell phone bandit!)

You are just like your father and are drawn to all things electronics. Cell phones, remotes, turning the TV on and off, daddy's PlayStation controller...but mom's cell phone is your absolute favorite and taking it away makes your very, very mad!

You still love to read. It's always been one of your favorite activities but it's also mine. You bring one of your books (usually one with animals in it) and sit down next to me or on my lap. You crack up as I point to each animal and make the sound. Your monkey impersonation makes me literally laugh our loud and smile (video to come!)  ear to ear! You amazed me a while back when you said, "giraffe, Bra (zebra!)
You now will sit down by yourself and 'read' a book. Sometimes you'll lay down on a pillow with book in hand. Watching you doing this seriously melts my heart but it assures me you are growing up too fast!

You had your 15 month checkup the other day and oh boy, you are still a big boy! You have slimmed down quite a bit but you still weigh 25.5 pounds (70%) and are over 32 inches (89%.) I'm pretty sure you just went through a growth spurt because size 5 diapers are getting snug, size 6 shoes fit and your 18 month clothes are starting to get snug. I pick you up and you are definitely not tiny anymore!
 You melt my heart every single moment of your life. You come up behind me and just give the biggest bear hug or lay your head on my shoulder. Your new thing is blowing kisses and you dish those out to ALL the ladies.
 You love to snuggle with blankets and go, 'night night' when you find a pillow. You come to me blanket in hand and I wrap you up. You giggle and I remember a time when you were wrapped tightly as a newborn. 

 The past few months you think that hiding is so funny. Your laugh so hard and it fills our home and our hearts. It is so contagious and that smile is unforgettable. It's the first thing I see in the morning and what I dream about at night (um, if you let your momma sleep!)

Brady, I know the end of your baby days are nearing but you will always be my baby. You will always be there to make me smile and to fill my heart with pure joy.  I love watching you grow into this amazing little boy and I know one day I'll be saying the same as you grow into a wonderful man. (not too soon, ok!)

It used to make me so sad to watch you grow so fast and in a way it still does but each day you show me something new and make me so excited for each new day!

Love you to pieces my love.

Momma (or Amy)


Julia said...

I love him all wrapped up in a blanket! So cute. And soooo big!

Dee said...

He is so cute! Time flies-I can't believe I have an almost 3 1/2 year old and 1 1/2 year old!

Katie said...

He is adorable! Once you cut his hair, it will grow in so thick and he will really look like such a little man. Good luck on that adventure! :)

Maria said...

He is so grown up!!! What a cutie pie! Happy 15 months Brady. :)

Courtney said...

Our boys are freakishly similar. I may stop blogging altogether & just include links to yours! ;)