Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Tales of tantruming toddlers

I can only attest to a few of the millions of reasons why teething sucks but these are my top reasons why teething is no friend of mine.

1. Sleep? What sleep? Those teeth must decide to get up and party several times a night because there is NO sleeping going on in THAT room of the house. Not only does the teeth decide to wake up but they want to extend that party into the wee hours of the morning leaving mom feeling like she stayed up late partying but in reality spent those hours getting yelled at. I'm not sure about you but that is not my idea of fun.

2. Remember the awful witching hour from the tiny baby days? It comes back with a vengeance. Don't expect to get anything accomplished or contain any sanity from ooh 530-7:30 (lately 7:30 is bedtime here.)

Actually our night goes like this:
Brady screams at me. Hold his arms up to be picked up.
He screams at me because I picked him up.
I put him down.
He screams at me because I put him down.
He wants milk.
He screams at me because I give him milk.
He wants to lay on the couch at a 45 degree angle with his milk.
He screams at me for making him lay down.
Try to distract him with funny faces and fun toys.
Brady screams louder.
Bring out our friend Motrin.
Rinse and repeat until bedtime.

3. I can't even talk about this without cringing myself. Teeth grinding. Brady does it SO loudly that I can hear it across the room. I cringe. He laughs and does it again.

and again.

If you see a mom running down the streets screaming, that might just be me.

4. Tantrums. This side effect can happen at anytime or place and spare no dignity. Your kid wants to play with knives or throw canned good sat the cat and while you might not see that as a good idea, he on the other hand is quite pissed you took it away. Other things that can increase the chances of being yelled...well, just go back to #2.

 Teething just adds extra oomph to the tantrums. They get louder, bigger and extra flops are added to really make you crazy.

Yep. I'm pretty sure that these kids have their own blogs, toddlerbook, or some telepathic course that causes them to secretly plot against us.

I swear that Brady high-fived a kid at Target the other day but then again, I might be a bit delusional from lack of sleep and the constant sound of tiny teeth grinding.


Momma Wilson said...

oh the grinding, it makes my skin crawl!!! Jackson does it non-stop. I feel your pain!

Courtney said...

I just stumbled on your blog via Momma Wilson's blog (who stumbled upon my blog about a year ago). And I can't believe this is the first post I is SO close to exact words I was getting ready to write on my own blog....our children must be the same person!
Teething and tantrums do NOT mix!
I guess at least we know we're not alone!

Stuff Parents Need said...

YES! Darah is a hot mess between just before dinner and bedtime (about an hour to 1 1/2 hour stretch). It is, without question, my least favorite time of the day. Just being honest.

Laci said...

Oh I feel your pain! Once again, I am very thankful that my children are older. I can put one more thing on my why I shouldn't have any more children list, teething will go right under no more diapers and colic. If it matters any, it will end and one day those teeth will come out and you will be able to be the tooth fairy.

Sarah said...

teeth-grinding?! i was not even aware children so young knew how to! or WANTED to!! aaahhh! poor amy :( you deserve a vacation for SURE.

Amo said...

I just found your blog through someone else's and I love it. I don't sugar coat parenthood on my blog, either. Parenting is tough and I can't stand the blogs that make it sound like sunshine and lollipops. You make me laugh really hard and that is hard to do when my toddler is screaming because his rocking horse fell over (after he pushed it over).

Lulu said...

The teeth grinding is the worse! Thankfully he stopped, or maybe just on break, a couple weeks ago. I hope it doesn't come back!

My kid can pick the electrical outlet covers off the outlets easy peasy, so he gets pissed when I don't let him play near them or w/ them. PISSED.