Monday, February 2, 2009

Bowels, heart attacks, and football.

Nice title--huh? This weekend wasn't really what I had expected. I expected to get a lot done and spend Sunday eating and watching commercials with friends. (I don't do football) Instead, It started out kind of crazy and ended that way. We spent Superbowl Sunday at St. Anthony's. We ended up in the emergency room on Sunday with Blake's dad. They thought he was having a heart attack but they did not know what is going on. They kept him overnight in the Cardiac ICU to monitor him. Each person he saw told us a different thing, and i just found out that it was his gallbladder, and will have to have surgery. It's good news seeing as it was thought to be his heart. It was scary, but we are glad he is going to be OK!!!

Piper had her surgery (spayed and de-clawed) on Thursday, and all seemed to go well. I picked her up on Friday, and forgot her carrier. DUH!!! I put her in my black purse (it's huge! I use it for work, and she loves being in there) and put her in the car. She proceeded to crawl out into the backseat, and poo'd on the mat. She THEN proceeded to crawl into my purse and peed. Awesome.

. Great. I scrubbed my car up and down and attempted to give Piper a bath. Ok, I get it. Cats REALLY do hate water. I know that now.

At least she is clean and smells purty now :)

She hasn't really moved much other than to eat, drink, and pee on my carpet all weekend but today she seemed more vibrant. :) I hope she is back to her old self soon, but carpet prays that it is sooner than later.


Katie said...

Girl, I can't believe all the things that you go through. I'm glad your FIL is going to be ok. TRY to keep your head up! :)

My @ tha Hotness said...

I am glad to hear that your FIL is going to be okay.

Maria said...

You poor thing...I hope things start to calm down!!