Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Tuesday but feels like a Monday.....

Thanks for all the ideas and comments about the bedroom. I am off on Thursday for someones birthday (I think it's Lincoln's) and then again on Monday so i think am ready to go on the painting. I found the perfect shade at The Depot. I told Blake and his response, "um i thought you weren't allowed to paint anymore....." I'm a messy painter. I guess you can say messy. Messy as in I'm totally covered in paint afterwards. Well, I declared myself fit for painting again. I might have green hair for Valentine's Day but oh well. He married me, which means he signed up for green hair and arms. :)

Maybe I'll keep it just in time for St. Patty's day......

Blake dad is doing well. He ended up with two infections after his surgery and just got out on Saturday. It truly opened my eyes on the state of medical care. It's not always good. People are not always nice, and medical professionals may not always know what they are doing. Hell, they might even know who you are--as in MIX you up with someone else.

We just got new cable installed today--AT&T's U-Verse. I'm happy to say that after spending a whole ten minutes fooling with it, I am in looove. I finally can watch Grey's Anatomy in the comfort of my bed without my husband making comments about how stupid he thinks the show is and how this would never happen in a real hospital. Most of, Iget to watch my bf, Patrick D., without my other hubby saying that he probably likes men. I wish doctors in real life looked like him.

On another note, I am so emotionally withdrawn from the whole school thing this semester! How the hell can i get my head in the game? I have no motivation. I'm dancing on the devils johnson here, man. I haven't done shit for either class. Hell, I have already missed one. I really danced on the devil's johnson with that one...... Any ideas on how to get pumped about something that sucks so bad i feel like it's draining the life out of me?

Geez. I sound ridicouls. I am so a poster child for grad school, huh? Do it, it's fun!

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Katie said...

I can't wait to see your finished bedroom! Glad Blake's doing good.

I don't know what to tell you about school. I would say something about when the weather improves, but I heard you all were getting some nice weather up there, so that's out!