Thursday, February 12, 2009


I already have my valentines date. Yo might want to double check who you send these out to. Sending a blond chick with a kissy face just doesn't do it for me.



Dear Xong JoJontobant;

Wow, you want to send us 3 million dollars? All i have to do is send you my name, social security number, and my first born child? Well as great as that sounds, I think we'll continue to drown in our debt. Also, please refrain from sending these types of emails to my mother because she is naive to believe your crazy ass.


Knee Deep in Student Loans

Dear At&t;

I really dig our new cable, and its way cheaper than our old satellite, but thanks for not telling us that we are too far from the 'box' to be able to be able to get enough bandwidth to record more than one HD show at a time. I swear you told us that we could record 4 shows at one time. Also, what the hell is this 'box' you keep referring to? Also, just so you have the our account under my husbands name, with MY maiden name as his last name. I don't know about you, and what country your call center is in but here in America us women tend to take our husbands last name.

Dear mom;

I don't understand why you are still living with us but you need to leave ASAP. You drew the line when you wore my tennis shoes without socks. My husband and I would greatly appreciate if you let us celebrate our first Valentine's Day together ALONE. Hopefully, you'll really move out next week like you say you will.

Oh, and you owe me a pair of tennis shoes. I don't know about you but that is just gross. That is why some wonderful human being created these things called SOCKS.

Your annoyed daughter.


N. said...

"You drew the line when you wore my tennis shoes without socks."

ha ha ha... oh my god, that is hilarious!

Katie said...

I am feeling your pain with the spam emails!

Funny stuff about your mom, but I do hope she leaves before she starts wearing your panties.

mxq said...