Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I found this site and am addicted to reading it.
Check it out. It's interesting for sure!

We saw a movie this weekend called Defiance. It was one of the best movies I've seen in a while. It was very inspirational, then again it was about survivors of the Holocaust so it had to be. Go see it, it's worth it. We've seen a lot of movies lately. The Reader being one of them. I liked it, but I read the book. I thought it was a pretty good representation of the book. I just wasn't keen on Kate's hairy pits.

My husband said this in his new accent he just made up. (It's a cross between the Terminator/A Russian gangster/Tupac) "We have E! in HD, we didn't have this yesterday. Great. Now, we can watch Kim Kardashian's big ol ass in HD. YES!' Nice, just nice.

I'm applying for a job. It's with the same agency per say that i work for now, but different sector. It's a pay increase, and a 1/2 mile form my house. I'm way more excited about the latter.

I'm hosting our monthly GNO this weekend! I am pumped. We'll be in our jammies, watching girlie movies, drinking yummy drinks.

Another couple got engaged this weekend! He was one of our groomsman! I have a feeling this is going to be one crazy year or two. In the past two months, I've known 3 ppl to get engaged, and all 3 were in our wedding. Then again, we had half the latter part of the US in our wedding. :)

We have been throwing back the notion of going on a vacation this summer, perhaps around the time of our 1st anniversary. The prices are outrageous! Any ideas? There MUST be sand, and a beach. We WILL be bringing a crap load of SPF so that it won't be a repeat of our honeymoon. I am hoping we can plan one because i think it will give me motivation to get my ass to the gym.

I'm getting my 3rd trigger injection Friday. I think they have helped but not 100%. Painting really showed me that I wasn't better but I am determined to get there.

I am ready to move to the beach. I hate winter, actually, I DETEST it with every being in my body.

Lastly, a few people have mentioned to me on here and in person that i have been through some shit lately. I have but i don't let it bother me. If i did, i don't think I'd appreciate life the way i do. i love my life and while it's not always easy, i think that each struggle makes you stronger.

That's all for today folks!


Jennelle said...

I'm glad to hear someone liked Defiance... I want to go see it. I hope you get the job! I wish my 40 mile commute were shorter. :(

Angie said...

I agree, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. I'm so sad I'm gonna miss this GNO. And I was looking forward to seeing the new room. I hope you get the job too!

Katie said...

Wow, so much information in one post! :) I'm with you on the hating winter. That's why I moved south...well that and Juan's job.

A vacation sounds like fun and a beachy, sunny vacation sounds even better! I say go for it!

Mary said...

You've got such a great attitude-I really admire you for it. The last two movies I saw were Australia and Twilight. I need to get to the theaters more. Good luck with the job-you deserve something good coming your way.

Michaela said...

Stopping by from SITS and wanted to say hi!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

Day 3 of the Where’s Wenda? Contest is here. Today I am visiting all of the SITStas that commented on Three Bay B Chicks. That means you! Thanks so much for stopping by and for being a great SISta!