Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dream a little dream with me.....

Dear West Elm.
Please come to St. Louis. Like that Mr. 50 cents says, "I love you like a fat kid loves cake." St. Louis is a great place, and I'd visit you quite frequently. I know times are tough but seeing that my beloved duvet cover is back ordered until March 30th makes me weepy.
I mean look at this cute elephant? I need him. I could have him in my hands if you came to St. Louie.

Come on we invented toasted ravioli. We are that cool.

I love these chairs too! I don't know what i would do with them but I love them. ALL of them!

And my beloved headboard. It's on sale but since I have to have it shipped it would cost me $80 and some change more to get it to....St. Louis. You guessed it. You know what? That's fine you don't want to come here. Guess who is here? It's my little friend named Pottery Barn.

Look at these white beauties! We'll my dear West Elm. You need to come. If you build it, I WILL COME! Pluse, like i said, we have toasted ravioli. And the ARCH! It's an arch made out of steel. I'll personaly take you on a tour, but i don't go up beyond that first floor (not a big fan of heights) but I'll watch you go!
Think about it. Think of all the fun we'll have.
Customer against backorders and delivery charges.


Anonymous said...

I've been drooling over that elephant since I got the catalog a couple of weeks ago. I want!

Marge said...

Oh my gosh I totally agree! We St. Louisans are totally awesome and we need to be furnishing with West Elm!

Katie said...

I just realized that there is a WE in Atlanta. If you need me to grab something for you and send it, I will! The shipping might be less than they charge.

I also wonder if they would have the duvet cover in the store here.

N. said...

I agree! I went in the one in Nashville, and it was a-maz-ing!!
It would definitely fit right in here!

Jennelle said...

Oh Amy. Matt is going to kill you when he finds out you turned me on to West Elm. ;)

Maria said...

That elephant is adorable!!! I've only been in a West Elm store once...in Atlanta. We definitely need one here, but I would like an IKEA first. :-)

Margaret said...

Hi you won day 6 of my week of giveaways. You won the necklace from stellajade.

Just send me your address at marshack14@yahoo.com.

I will get it to the shop owner, so she can send you your prize.

Congrats and thanks for entering.

Rhonda said...

@ Maria- totally agree.

I went to the WE in chicago-- gorgeous store. Poor DH was so bored, but I loved looking at their stuff. The quality is good too.

Rhonda said...
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