Thursday, May 3, 2012

Lots of changes!

First things, first! My doctor called yesterday to tell me my test results came back normal! Relief feels good, so, so good!

Now, onto not so good stuff. We found out not too long ago that my husband was going to be without a job. It's been quite stressful and we are hoping he finds something soon (which he is at an interview as I type!) since the timing is just awful but we'll get through it. We've been here before but when you have a child, it's so much different.

In the meantime, we've managed to get a lot done around the house! Brady now has a big boy room that is 100% done! I'll be posting pictures very soon. This also means that the nursery is coming right along. I have to say, I am going to love it. With Brady's room, it never felt done or right but this one feels like it will be perfect! It's such a relief to have these things moving right along!

Brady did a great job moving from his toddler bed right up to a big boy bed! He picked out the sheets and comforter, which of course are complete with trucks, trains, planes and cars! He curls up and just looks so sweet in his bed and I can't believe how big he is getting.

In fact, he decided that he was so big that using a big fat curse word was appropriate. Yeah. I guess he was pretty ticked he missed the mail man. I have to give him credit because he's used it in the right context several times though I don' t think I can ever face the public eye if he says it again. We've had some serious talks about it and I'm hoping we are done with that! I had to expect that was coming though, either now or later!

He made up for it last night but telling me, "Momma, you my best friend!'' I mean, seriously? Does it get better than that?
I guess that also makes up for the yogurt raisins he shoved in the DVR.


Mary said...

Good vibes coming Blake's way. You guys really deserve to have a great 2012.

You have to admit that there is something funny about a kid cursing. Since we just watched Deadwood, we cannot stop using all the colorful insults we learned and I guess at some point, I can't go around calling someone a frog-faced fuck.

Julia said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Blake's job. Here's to hoping that he gets something even better than before!

And Nate gets really mad at me when I have a potty mouth but I just can't help it. I swear, the first time Truman says a curse word I know it will be my fault, but funny all the same.:)