Wednesday, May 23, 2012

36 weeks: The Homestretch or something

Oh my.

Oh my.

36 weeks.

I'm to the point where I"m officially done with people asking me when this baby is due or that I'm about to pop, or just about anything this week. It's hot. I'm huge and I feel like my hips might break into 100 pieces. The back pain is so much fun too. I believe I said to a coworker yesterday that if I have to go through 3+ more weeks of this, I am no longer answering my phone. My voicemail is blinking at me while I type.

I'm joyous, am I not?

I am. I really am.

That is until I re-read the pamphlet my OB gave me on VBAC's with death rates, risks and all kinds of statistics that made me wanna keep this baby in forever. However, from the research in that paperwork, a c-section has a much higher rate of a lot and that is what scares the crap outta me.

Oh, can I count thee ways in how I wish I could wake up and baby be out and we can all go on our merry way??

Anyway, back to being really pregnant and uncomfortable. I did NOT feel this way with Brady and I still have a little less than two weeks till I'm even with Brady's pregnancy since he came at 38 weeks.

I dropped early last week or the week before so walking is fun especially with a full bladder or let's talk about traffic and a full bladder. Ok, let's not. Well, at my appointment this week she confirmed he is low and right on my bladder. Yep. Didn't need to be felt up to know that. I'm barely a cm dilated and a very soft 50% effaced.

There were 3 babies born last week and I was sure it was a sign of something. What? I'm not sure but seeing all the babies put me in panic mode for a few days and now I'm getting more and more ready to meet my son. I have two more projects to finish before the nursery is complete.

Oh, and we have a name. I'll post more details on that soon if you couldn't understand Brady's upside-down toddler speak. I ordered Big Brother and Little Brother shirts this week and I can't wait to get them. Now I have to get a small gift from the baby for him and we'll be ready to go! Oh, I guess I should pack my bag too, huh?

I think I've been in total denial of how close I am and how much this little man is going to rock our world but I really can't wait.

It's insane to me that we are soon to be a family of four. I've come super clingy to my little boy lately and leaving him everyday is getting hard. I want to savor ever moment we have together and this morning he asked me to lay with him a little bit longer. Even though I was already running way behind, I did.

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Julia said...

oh man, I hope for your sake you DO go early, girl. It's a mind game in the end for sure, and if you make it to your due date you are definitely going to be just as insane as me:) Hang in there.