Monday, May 7, 2012

Moving on up!

I swear, my kid is getting too big. We've been talking about moving him to a big boy room for months since we planned on using the crib mattress  in the baby's room (with his old crib!)

So, after a very, uh, interesting evening with the in-laws who so graciously offered to get his big boy bed, we were on a mission to finish his room so that we could then focus on the newest addition!

Brady was very excited but unsure of what the heck we were doing to his well loved bed! I was a bit nervous about how he'd react to such a dramatic change but he did great!

Side note, my kid sleeps now. It's amazing. I have to say too as I knock on all the damn wood in the house that since having this new big boy bed, he goes to bed so much easier. Who knew?

 Brady picked out the bedding set. I gave him a few choices and he picked this one out from here. I'm pretty sure it has all of his favorite things that go--cars, trucks, cement mixer, police cars, you name it, it's on there! The pictures are from Home Goods. Love that place!

 His first night in his big boy bed. Made mommy a bit sad to see him all snuggled up like a big kid.
I have to admit. I wanted to crawl right in there with him and never let him go!

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Carrie said...

Oh, his room came out totally cute! Isn't it great??!? Will sleeps through the night EVERY night now. Who knew? And my confession: I sobbed for hours the first night he slept in his big bed. Strange since he had already been in a the toddler bed for some time. Post nursery pics next!