Tuesday, May 29, 2012

37 weeks: From panic, to crazy town to excitement!

It' official. I'm huge. Not the best picture or the most flattering but at this point, I just don't care. I think I'm to the point where Maternity clothes are barely covering me and add in the 90+ heat we've been having and yep..... We even took Brady to  Grant's Farm on Monday, which I think I should win some sort of awesome mom status for since walking around 9 months pregnant in the heat was not my ideal way to spend the day but alas, my baby boy had a blast. It was worth sweating my tail and waddling through it!

A little sneak peak at the nursery. Almost there. I put up the pack n play, washed the covers to the swing, bouncy, etc and the car seats are going in this week. Seeing as we didn't have the car seats installed when Brady was born, we are in pretty good shape! 

I've had a few moments where I've set into panic mode. I'm just getting the point (uh, I think on my facebook feed alone in the past two week, SIX babies were born!) where I want to meet my son, know he is okay and to be honest, just have the birth part over with. I have been over-thinking, over-analyzing everything. I know it sounds crazy but I'm terrified in all of it, something will happen to me and I try to come back out of crazy town and pray that it all works out in the best way possible. I've had a few random contractions, tons of bh and have been feeling a bit crampy, none of which I had with Brady. I'm hoping it means my body wants to get this baby out the same way I want it out!

Brady has been so sweet lately and I can't believe I'm going to be blessed with another little boy in my life. He was giving me hugs and kisses one night and as he was giving me hug #211, he told me, "This just makes me so happy!" It is moments like these I want to put in my pocket and hold onto but make me so more excited for our family to grow. 


Susan said...

Aw! How precious! Wishing great things for you and your family very soon!! :)

Julia said...

Thinking of you, lady! He is coming no matter what, so get ready!! I know it's HARD in the end, and really hope he comes before Brady did for your sake. Hang in there!

LC said...

I'm sending huge VBAC prayers your way. Thinking of you, girl! And your belly looks great. Rock it, mama :)