Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I was calmer than I thought I would be on Friday (I still get a little nervous for ultrasounds for some reason!) I was waiting on Blake to come meet me, and when they called my name, I was calm. I got to hear his strong heartbeat for about 30 minutes and they told me it sounded great! He is a strong little guy!

In between waiting for the ultrasound and trying to get Blake to find me in the hospital, the time flew by. I was getting mad because it had been at least 30 mins and he still wasn't there. After about 15 minutes on the phone we both realized he was at the wrong hospital. Ooops but don't worry I have instilled in his brain that we WILL be at Mo Bap for delivery, lol!

He finally came in when I was just about finished with the ultrasound. I really don't know what to say about this experience. The nurse was very nice but she measured the fluid and told me she had a hard time finding pockets of fluid. She also said that she was having a hard time distinguishing fluid from the umbilical cord? Really? The ultrasound machine was not very good, and it was so hard to see anything. Another woman came in and asked if she was almost done because there were 3 others waiting for an ultrasound. This annoyed me as you shouldn't have to rush things like this. She asked if the other woman could come in and take a look. She explained to her she found 12 cm the first time but didn't feel that was right. The other woman said, yep, it looks low, and told her to remeasure it again. So, she did and couldn't get the old numbers out of there so she said she would hand calculate it. She said she got around 10, which would be good if I felt it was right.

I don't know, don't get me wrong, i am sure she knows more what she was doing but I left feeling that she didn't. I see my OB tomorrow so I will definitely let her know this, and I am so ready to go to this appointment I might camp out, lol.

I did get one good thing out of that appointment---we learned he has a head of HAIR! EEEK! Love it! I am ready to meet this little man that has kept me on my toes the last 8 1/2 months.

My sweet husband felt that we needed to get a camera ASAP because it would be the worst thing for him to be born without having one. I swear, this man melts my heart sometimes and I am sure once I see him holding our son, my heart will be nothing but mush. (and yes, i did get a little teary over that....anything lately seems to do that to me!)

oh and one more little thing....I woke up for one of my nightly runs to the bathroom, and because the dog was snoring, lol, but I couldn't go back to sleep because he had the hiccups. SO, STINKING CUTE!


Lisa said...

I can't wait for the hiccups! Do they feel different than regular kicks/movement.

And, I agree on what a frustrating ultrasound experience that must've been...

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I have felt hiccups one!!! Great! I have been thinking about you and glad things seem to be doing ok. NOt much longer and you will be holding this bushy headed little guy.

Sherry said...

That hair is why you have all the heartburn! :)

I'd definitely talk to your OB about getting another ultrasound or better monitoring. Maybe you could go to MoBap to do that? That's where all my ultrasounds are and they are extremely thorough and do a great job, even though I hate getting them.

Amy said...

ha, sherry you might be right!!!!

Lisa, they are totally different than kicks, it literally felt like a hiccup rather than anything else i have felt before!

mrs.leah.maria said...

That would be a highly frustrating u/s appointment! I hope your follow up went better.

You need to get on the camera ASAP. :) I can't wait to see the hair!

Sarah said...

that is incredible that you can feel hiccups and distinguish them from other movement. and it's incredible that you know he has a full head of hair! wow, he will be here before you know it.... so exciting!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, that sounds like a frustrating U/S appointment :( Hopefully the doctor was able to make things right when you say him/her.

Can you believe we are almost there!!! Yippee, we get to meet out little babes soon :)