Monday, September 7, 2009


This baby is lucky. Everything he is getting is brand new but sometimes I don't think that equals greatness. Sometimes you have to have a little something that is passed down. He now has that too! :)

Blake's mom gave me this around Easter, and I sat on it and could not decide what to do with it. The picture frame was severely outdated (silly me didn't take a before pic!) The picture inside was something that she made when she was pregnant with Blake. It hung in his room for most of his life......

and now it will hang in his son's room.

I just updated it a bit by painting the frame!

There was something I forgot to mention in my weekly update last week. I now SNORE! Yep, and apparently it is pretty common in the later stages of pregnancy because of all the squishiness going on inside. I tried telling Blake that it was just my body preparing him for no sleep when the baby comes. He didn't quite buy it and has found himself on the couch many nights. I have tried those stupid nose strips last night, and I woke up to find him on the couch.
Any tips or ideas? I do not have much time left being prego and I'd like to enjoy the sleep I am getting (and not being woken up by my sleep deprived hubby!)


Sarah said...

keeping blake's childhood art is such a neat thing for baby b. and you seriously crack me up, amy. i know it's probably not funny to you or blake that you snore at this stage in pregnancy, but this post cracked me up :)

Katie said...

Oh wow, my mom emailed me that quote last week! She said she used to say that to herself when she was overwhelmed with housework when we were babies...crazy!

I also snored. Don't worry, it will go away as soon as that little guy gets here!