Tuesday, September 8, 2009

32 weeks and my torpedo belly.

7 weeks, 6 days! :)

I had to take my pic in our ugly bathroom because my phone was not cooperating so please excuse the ugly mirror :)I have yet to do a front shot so here it is. I tried a different shirt that wasn't black to show you how really ginormous I am. Here is baby b from the front. and from the side. Seriously? It looks like a torpedo.

32 weeks seems like a stinking milestone if I would say so. I remember being at 20-24 weeks and thought time had stopped, and now I can't seem to get time to slow down! Emotions have gone from being so darn excited to see his little face to being freaked out.
I also swear that my belly had grown since I woke up yesterday.

I also realized that things I could eat before are not house-able in this tummy. Like chili--i swear that my stomach now has a hole in it and all the tums and Nexium are repairing it.
So, I had a major wake up call this week when I looked at our new insurance and the time I have saved up. Right now I have 5 weeks saved up, and I should have 3 more weeks saved up before then if I continue to work overtime. I found out that our insurance would cost me $846 a month if I have to go unpaid. Um...what?
I had my 32 week visit today! I got back in two more weeks and then every week after that! Oh, yipee! I just saw the nurse practitioner today since doc had to deliver a baby! She said that at the time of the ultrasound I had last month baby measured a week ahead, and I measured 2 ahead this time. My due date won't change as of now because just because the baby is ginormous doesn't mean lungs are developed. But basically, he is on track to be a biggin.
She then asked me if my mom had big babies.....um, no. We were barely 6 lbs. I told her my dear hubs was due 11/11 and came 10/10 and weighed over 7 lbs. She said, oh, he would have been a 9lber. Great.

I have gained a whopping 4 pounds in the past 4 weeks. Geez. I am blaming it all on him!
She also confirmed to me that I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions. I have only had a few but they are weird and uncomfortable. I mean ODD.
and again, we prove to have a stubborn baby on our hands. When she used the Doppler to find the heartbeat he wasn't having it and kicked her. She had me turn to my side because most babies then cooperate but again, he kicked her and then moved over. So, there we have it folks. A stubborn big old baby will be in our arms before we know it!


Anonymous said...

LOL, it does look like a torpedo. Or one of Madonna's cone boobs. :)

Lisa said...

You look fantasic, Amy :). And, I can't believe how close you're getting!!!

Sarah said...

Ditto what Lisa said. Your belly is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap! It does look like a torpedo! You were holding out on us with the black shirts--I love it! :)

Katie said...

You look great Amy! I get goosebumps thinking about how close you are!

Jennelle said...

You're so close! And it does look like a torpedo... Does it change shape as Baby B moves around?

Julia said...

I almost choked when I read the cost of your insurance if you go unpaid. Holy shit. That is awful!

And you know about my fear of a 10 pounder.....so hopefully if your babe is huge the labor is perfectly smooth and fabulous. So close now!

N. said...

Amy, you look great! I can't believe how close you are!!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

So so close!!! Gosh.we will both being giving birth to toddler. But very cute toddlers :) Braxton hicks..humm..i will have to read up on that to prepare myself

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

WOW...sounds exactly like our 2nd...she was 9 12.
I just stumbled upon your blog...good luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

You look soooo cute!! I don't know what we're having, but seeing your belly, and yes, it is a bit like a torpedo :) and mine is more round, I wonder if I'm having a girl.

That is crazy about your insurance! :(

Anonymous said...

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