Tuesday, September 15, 2009

There is such thing as gravity

My car wouldn't start on Sunday morning when I left to run errands. We tried jumping it with Blake's car for several several years (at least it felt like it) and it wouldn't go. We figured it was the alternator since the battery was less than two years old.

Blake got this great idea to push the car out of the driveway so that we can get it towed.

I reminded him that the driveway does downhill and that wouldn't be a good idea for him to do it alone.

No, it will be fine.

Guess what happens? I know it's hard to comprehend but the poor guy almost got ran over. He starts pushing it out the garage and it moves slowly but once it hit that edge it starting flying down the hill. All i could picture was my car driving backwards into my neighbors house. The neighbor we really don't know yet, and I don't think they would like us very much if that happened.

I watched my husband run after the car, and then watched him being drug by it and stopped the car by putting his hand on the brake. Nice honey. Nice.

He goes, 'that must have been really funny to watch'

Well after the initial heart attack wore off, yes it was pretty entertaining.

and goes to show you that I am always right. ALWAYS HONEY!

(On a sidenote, the damn battery was bad. We payed $75 to have it towed, and then the car shop charged us $105 for the damn battery. The damn battery that had a warranty on it from AutoZone. I love my car!)


Sarah said...

oh man that SUCKS, but considering what it could have cost to replace your neighbor's home (had the car rolled into it), $180 isn't the worst.... yikes!

glad blake's okay, that could have been disastrous indeed.

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

MEN...like you dont' have enough stuff to think about right?

Maria said...

I had issues with a battery from Auto Zone. I got a new one recently at O'Reilly's Auto Parts, and so far it's doing good.

Glad Blake is okay!! Men are so stubborn.

Katie said...

Wow, I would be so miffed. At least you can laugh at Blake...now.