Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm a bit behind (weeks 34-35)

The past few weeks I have been a bit out of it. I was sick, and Blake is home sick now (if i were a mean wife I would post the pic of him from urgent care where they put a mask on him as he presented with flu like symptoms, lol!)

Whew. I swear this kid is keeping me on my toes! Last weeks appointment didn't solve much in my mind but I am scheduled for another ultrasound to check fluid and growth on Tuesday. He is gonna be a Sasquatch (hairy and ginormous) I swear. I measured at 37.5....and I was only 34 weeks (which has been the trend for quite some time!) Well, I know where those two pounds that I gained went to....the baby!

I can't wait for the ultrasound (and hopefully he cooperates and I get to see his chubby face), just to feel reassured. I am sure he is fine but it's hard not to worry! :)

I am almost sure this baby has dropped!!!!! He will occasionally crawl back up but he has dropped. Coworkers have commented that he has dropped so it's not in my head! He hasn't dropped a lot and I am hoping it's not because he is too ginormous to fit.

The other day I was at schnucks and the lady asks, 'how much longer do you have?', I tell her and her face expression pretty much sums up the looks that i have been getting. I GET IT, I AM HUGE! I am having the next WORLDS GIGANTIC BABY OK!

I have been having braxton hicks a lot, and even some 'contraction like happenings in my back. The back ones are awful and from what I hear back labor is not fun at all so I hope I don't get to experience that. I don't know if the weight of this baby is affecting this or not but being on my feet for too long is becoming difficult (aka=painful) on my hips and my back. Hell, just sitting here at work for a full day is starting to get really difficult. If this baby doesn't come in a few weeks, I might have to take my maternity leave a bit earlier. I am exhausted...and it seems like this week is lasting for years!

His room is slowly coming along. I FINALLY found some fabric since the one I was in love with was the wrong color! Hopefully, I can have it done before he comes! I have my last shower this weekend, and then we have to shop for the rest of the stuff we need! So, hopefully I can be all finished soon! I still have a ton of letters to get, I put that on the back burner with me not feeling good and I am basically worthless when I get home from work! So, that is my goal for the next few weeks!

I really cannot believe it's October already! I can now say he is due next month!

I will have to post a new belly pic, and a before and after of him since he dropped. It's funny because some days my belly is shaped a little different depending on how he is laying!


Nicole Feliciano said...

so exciting--you are in the home stretch. I promise lots more great giveaways on Momtrends to give you more chances to win free loot!

Jennelle said...

I can't believe he'll be here so soon! Have fun at your shower. :)

Sarah said...

oh man, your hip/back pain sounds like no fun at all (especially paired with being sick). you know what's crazy? it seemed like it was just yesterday when you were posting your very first thoughts about being pregnant. baby b is gonna be here SO soon!

Mrs. Dirnberger said...

I am easily exhausted now just from feet are huge and the rest of me..I am ready for baby but scared to dealth..hahah!! WE are getting lots done but my list gets bigger everytime I mark something off.

N. said...

I can't wait to see pics!

Julia said...

so pg bellies pop and then they drop later? So weird! I say more pictures, please.