Monday, September 7, 2009


My work had a surprise baby shower for me last week! I am apparently in my own little world because there were several times when I should have known but again, I am in my own little world. It was full of yummy food, and fun stuff for baby B! they rock!

A small symptom has come back to haunt me from the first part of my pregnancy. Morning sickness, and I didn't miss her. It is NOWHERE as near as bad, or rough as that time though. It makes for brushing my teeth a bit more challenging! I keep thinking that I am so ready for him to be here but at the same time I am trying to enjoy having him safe inside. Watching my stomach move is the most amazing and the greatest thing on Earth.

Oh the topic of the baby (ha, like i talk about anything else?) I searched high and low for these darn paper rope baskets from World Market. I finally gave up and ordered these from Land of Nod in Orange and Light Blue for the changing table. Not exactly what I wanted but they will do!

And here is my rant on boy baby stuff. BLUE. It is all freaking blue. Finding anything orange is so damn hard and it makes this girl angry. All I want is an orange lamp that doesn't cost a pretty penny, OK! Ok, vent over.

Oh, and I am completely and utterly bummed. The fabric I found is not going to work. The part in the fabric that looked orange was actually gold. So, I am back at square one and bummed out and running out of time!

My first born baby has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. She has been biting her feet so badly that it was waking us up in the middle of the night, and she was loosing hair on her poor little paws. We took her in to the vet and they found some yeast in between her paws, and gave her meds to fix it. It helped a tiny bit but then she developed a rash on her belly. I mean ALL over her belly. Took her to the vet again and he gave her antibiotics for it and an antihistamine/cortisone combo to give her a little bit and it sure has done wonders for her. She is a different dog, and her anxiety has even calmed down too. The vet had mentioned that if we couldn't fix the feet biting and some of her other anxiety issues, we would have to consider Prozac! It's still in the back burner of our minds, but I am praying that this med clears it all up. I do have to change her dog food to a hypoallergenic dog food (he recommended Blue Buffalo or Natures Variety) as well. She sure is lucky we love her because she is getting expensive! It's worth it to see the difference it has made in her life. She is much calmer, and happier!

Blake quit smoking this weekend. He is doing really well but the big test will come tomorrow when he goes back to work! I am hoping it sticks this time but I think that with the baby coming, it is the best incentive to quit!!!


Sarah said...

amy- that's crazy, i didn't know morning sickness could make a second appearance in pregnancy. well, i hope it stops asap for you!

and that's awesome news about blake quitting smoking. my dad smoked nonstop when i was a baby and he even likes to tell me this one story over and over: one day he walked into the living room to find me grabbing for one of cog butts in the ashtray, and he DARTED across the room and stopped me just before i was about to put it in my mouth. just then, he noticed black drool seeping from my mouth and when he checked inside, i had like 5 cig butts already in my mouth - DISGUSTING! so it's best to avoid any such experiences for baby b. :)

Sarah said...

wow, i cannot believe i typed "cog butts." really bad typo. :) (haha)

Mary said...

Poor Lily:( I have heard amazing stories about dogs who have made incredible changes as a result of a change in diet. She must be so uncomfortable if she's itchy all the time-that would make me anxious too! I hope treating her current outbreak and changing her food will help her out.

Go Blake! I hope he sticks with it!

Meredith said...

So let's see some pictures of all the great shower scores!

Ali said...

Poor Lily. My pups have been on Blue Buffalo for the past few months and are doing great on it! They've never been healthier and Porter has almost (fingers crossed) stopped farting all the time!

And I hope this new morning sickness goes away soon! Nothing worse than being uncomfortable and sick!

Julia said...

Yay for Blake.

Poor Lily, I hope it gets better.

And I thought I was in the clear with no morning sickness....great to think it can happen so late in the game:)

linoleum said...

Orange Lamp #1
(weird but Target has the same one...costs more but has free shipping)

Orange Lamp #2:

Also...have you tried Amazon?

ellen said...

Oh, I'm glad you got those orange containers from Land of Nod! I know they're not exactly what you wanted, but I think they're super cute.

I was at World Market last weekend and looked for the orange canvas bins - but no luck. I'll keep my eye out for you ;o)

Hang in there, Amy! :o)