Saturday, December 1, 2007

Tiger pride! M-I-Z

Z-O-U!! Tigers!! Geez whiz, I sure am exited! Who doesn't know that MU is about to make history? I sure as hell do! Tiger pride is rampant everywhere. My mom even called yesterday to see if i had any Mizzou gear. Um, of course I do! I love tiger fans. Why? They are dedicated, they are enthusiastic and most importantly, they are well traveled. I found this snippet in the STL post.
''While an Oklahoma's trek to south Texas is barely half that of many Mizzou fans, the Tiger faithful are here in big numbers, having snapped up their school's 8,000 tickets in less than three hours, then turning to the Internet for more of the Alamodome's 65,000 seats. Steve Barker was a true-believer Tiger who booked his rooms shortly after Missouri thumped Colorado 55-10 in Boulder on Nov. 3."That's when I knew this team is the real thing," said Barker, of Odessa, Mo. "It is good enough to beat Oklahoma. For me, being here is the best feeling in the world. I almost don't know how to act."

I am proud to be an alum. My best memories happened in Columbia. I have a special place in my heart for Mizzou-something that people that didn't go there (like Blake) just don't understand. I haven't been to Columbia in too long. I miss a lot from there.
  • Shakespeare's Pizza: i constantly dream about their pizza and am thinking about mail ordering some.
  • Flat Branch, especially their Chokes' and Cheese....seriously the best!
  • Our trailer park relay events (Staci, you may be one of the only ones that know about this one!)
  • Sports events. During my stint in CoMO, i loved sports. Don't get me wrong, i still have a liking for some sports (i.e. Cardinals) but was never a fan like i was there.
  • Oh, god, Shakeys. Frozen custard. that's all I've got to say!
  • Campus: There is something about the campus that gives me chills-especially the columns. There is so much history, so many memories from years before our time.
  • Les Bourgeois Winery. Ok, not really in Columbia but we visited that winery so many times. Wine, cheese and drunken college students. What more could you want? Except the odor lingering around the bathrooms. I don't miss that.
  • Deja Vu Comedy Club. I never laughed so hard in my life. It was cheap too. Plus, as an added bonus there was a bar may have been a cheesy bar but it had cheap alcohol.
  • Speaking of cheap alcohol.....i mean where else can you go any day of the week and find some kinds of cheap specials. .25 draws at Harpos, Big 12 (i know its legends but its always big 12 to me) What about bottomless cup nights at Field House? oh, the memories. and hangovers.
  • You got the best of both worlds, it was a small town but it didn't feel that small. anywhere you had to go was no more than 5 minutes away. Traffic was like, nonexistent compared to the mess we call 270, 44, and 40.
  • Southridge. It was home for many of us. We had impromptu block parties. We watched cars catch on fire (ok, just one), garage keg parties... It was Pimlico.
  • My job there is a hard one not to miss. I worked at a preschool! It was tough most days an I usually complained daily about it, but it gets me all warm and fuzzy inside when i think about it. I learned a lot there and it makes me miss working directly with kids. I cannot believe Red Room kids are now like 7. just wow.
  • This is going to be a cheesy one, but my dear sweet friends. We went through some times together..(Big Red, the Schizophrenic...need i say more?) I miss you guys!

Ok, i rambled enough. Come on Mizzou, lets beat OU!!


Nikki said...

Yea! I'm a Mizzou alum too! Go Tigers! Also... love the new look of your blog. Very pretty.

Pizza Cottontail said...

I don't miss too much about Columbia. Except Flat Branch.

Here's an even better question for you. Even though it's not about to make history, what do you miss most about St. Pius? I missed the reunion this year; does that count?

Amy said...

mike:miss about pius? um, not so sure i miss anything. ha. i didn't make it either....

nikki..thanks i love it too!