Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Random goodness

  • I finally started back at the gym and even managed to get up at 5 this morning to go! Way to go, Amy! ::pats myself on the back:: Now, if i could just keep it up so that i can loose 25 pounds, then well, i'll be happy as a kid on christmas day.

  • Speaking of Christmas....I have acomplished NO shopping this year as of today. OH, wait, Blakey did get me a gift online for the name i got in his fam this year. (this is our first year doing this...)

  • Blakey is in no way good at keeping surprises. Every gift i've gotten from him has been before christmas, my birthday....well, guess what? I got my christmas present on Friday-even after he swore to me that he wouldn't do 'that' this year but golly gee....he had it and couldn't wait! I love it and even though we wern't supposed to be doing gifts this year, i am so excited about it! i have carried it everywhere-which has inspired my lazy arse to get to the gym!

It's the Sirius Stiletto, and I serioulsy love it! My sirius sat. radio in my car pooped out, so this was the perfect gift! You can acess WiFi so when the sat isn't available...and download songs since its also an mp3 player! Thanks babe!

  • I hate winter. Hate. Detest. want to move to Florida -hate winter! Dry skin, cold air, snow, ice...it all plain sucks. Ok, that is my one and only complaint for this post!

  • I have come to the conclusion several times in the past year that I am in the wrong damn business. While I love my job, and I get personal satisfaction out of it (being a social worker for kids with special needs---how can you not?) but geez, i am missing out on on some good cheese (not the edible kind...the green kind) I am kinda bitter about it, as a lot of ppl in other lines of work make more money. One of these days i will get over it but sometimes it ticks my buttons. Especially on the days when I have worked my butt off, and deal with an angry person. GRRRRR.....okay maybe there will be two complaints today!

  • My dog is driving me nuts. (Didn't I say i would stop complaining?) She hates the cold, won't go outside and is eating food off the table. Now, this may be partly due to Blakeys maleness but seriously, he left a whole pizza on the kitchen table, still in the box. He woke up to find that there were 3 half eaten pieces left. Hmmmm....go figure!

  • The wedding is about 4 1/2 months away. Wow. How the hell did it come so fast? I've almost been engaged for a year. I still have a crapload of crap to get done, better get my butt in gear.

  • I like the song 'ready to fall' by Rise Against but at 7:48 in the morning it's a bit too much. That makes me feel old. Too old for loud music in the morning. Must need coffee.

  • I have started listening to more pop-y music lately. That as well makes me old, but i'm loving Fiest, Five For Fighting, and Augustana right now. I'm still obsessed with Ben Harper though. At least, I am not listening to Michael Bolton. Which reminds me of the tidbit of that new reality show about the choirs. I could of watched it but they put HIM on the show.


Stephanie said...

Finally! I'm not the only one who hates winter!!! I want warm summer days... especially when I'm standing outside with puppy at 3 AM so he can go potty... :(

Amy said...

yes, winter is bad. everything about it. well, except sweatshirts. i loooove sweatshirts!!!

Anonymous said...

I like Michael Bolten. Does that make me old??

Amy said...

Kristal... now that is mullet is gone...his coolness factor has gone up!