Friday, December 14, 2007

Martha, Martha Martha

I want to go to a show. A Martha show. So, I saw a nice little post on WeddingBee, (whom has wonderful posts and i visit quite frequently) about how Martha is taking apps for engaged couples! So, I applied! Cross your fingers for Miss Amy B and her future Mr. B! I'd LOVE to go. I am doing so much DIY, so I need all the help I can get. Anyone else want to go with me? Apply here! Wish me luck! ::crossing fingers::

Speaking of Martha, my next TWO DIY's will be a product of the crafty queen. I'd post a pic right now, but my computer at work is acting like a demon has possessed it, so i will post them later. After making my card box, I am addicted to making things. I want to make everything and now that I am on winter break from Grad school, I can! My photo luminaries will be my next task, but like i said, my computer needs some holy water dumped on it to release it of it's demons. I'll post pics of it later!

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