Friday, December 21, 2007

So they say....WHAT?

Blakey asked me the other day if we had ever got his personal property tax bill. I don't ever remember seeing one. He got the number and called about it. The woman on the phone explained why he hasn't received a bill-get this-


He tells me this at work, while i am eating my yummy apple cinnamon zone bar which i ended up aspirating. He tells the woman, 'well, I'm not dead, I'm alive.' I mean, first of all, how does that happen? So, he'll be making a trip soon to prove that he indeed is not really dead after all. Good thing, i don't know how that would go over with marrying a dead guy! The bad part about all of this is that we will finally get our darn bill. Oh snap!

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Jen said...

Did this ever get figured out? I don't want you to marry a dead guy! :)