Friday, March 30, 2012

B2: 28 weeks

28 weeks people. The first trimester drug on forever and now I'm into my 3rd. Slow down! I know this post is no good without a picture but I'll get there. I feel like my life has been sucked out of me and all I want to do is sleep which I'm sure our busy schedule doesn't help. It doesn't help that there is a nasty green coating of pollen covering everything right now and making us all miserable. I failed my glucose test by 15 points. I'm taking the 3 hour right now and I'm crossing everything that I pass. It's just funny that I didn't pass this time around since I've been more active, weigh less and just feel better in general but I know that doesn't always matter! I know I can't help if I have gestational diabetes or not but I want everything to go as smoothly as it can to make a vbac a bit more likely! To wallow in learning of my failure the other day, I snagged a big ol' Starbucks java chip frap. Decaf of course. Now, I'm sitting here salivating at that thought.

Fasting is pure torture I tell you. Torture! I had to stop reading posts on Facebook because half of them were about food I almost wanted to eat my damn phone!

My platelets dropped again so I'm having those retested again as well. I'm going to up my iron intake (give me some spinach!) and hope they stay where they need to be.

I think Brady is getting used to the idea that he'll be having a brother soon. Brady got to feel the baby kick and actually talks about his baby brother now. I found him sitting in this the other day! When I told him he was way to big for it, he told me that his baby puma was not. Silly kid.

Don't you just love it? I was ecstatic when I won it, like more than I should be when it comes to baby equipment. I won it from here. She's got fabulous giveaways all the time! It's the most amazing baby thing I've ever seen and I think life would have been easier if we had it with Brady!

I made a comment that my belly was huge because his baby brother was getting so big and he tells me, "No, momma! The baby is little!" He's so funny but he's also right sometimes! Love that kid.

Then, he told me I don't have a belly button, which I guess to a 2 year old, my innie isn't in enough :)

Other than the glucose and platelets issues, everything else is going well. I'm getting more tired and worn out easier but when you are carrying a basketball, I'm sure that is to be expected. I just can't believe how fast time is flying.

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