Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mattel's Power of Play

Mattel is doing big things. I'm big on playtime and it's not because it's fun (though that helps too!) Coming from an early education background, I know how important play is for growth and development and want my child to learn as much as he can. I also know that there are too many children who are not encouraged to participate in positive play or do not have the opportunity for beneficial play. That is where Mattel is stepping in and I have to say, I love this idea. 

Mattel's Power Of Play Philanthropic Initiative is doing big things for our kids. Mattel has teamed up with several different organizations to bring the power to play to children in need nationwide. Some of those organizations include the Special Olympics, Make A Wish Foundation and Save the Children, (all organizations I have seen firsthand do great things!)

As a child, I remember running around outside, playing for hours on end after school. I want the same thing for my children. I know that sometimes life, busy schedules, sports practices and school commitments get in the way but this video has some great tips and more about their philanthropic initiative. 

Also, click here for a fun coloring play tip sheet! 

 Now, go play! 

I have been compensated for this post through my connection with MomSelect, however all opinions are all my own and I do believe that  play is so important to our children.

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