Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A whole other world.

Holy cow. As I'm about to say this, we are approaching one of the most dreaded times of the year (daylight savings!) and I'm hoping that does not screw up anything but I hope I can safely say we are sleeping more than ever now!

Yes. You read that right. We are sleeping. We are ALL sleeping!!! Life with sleep is a whole new world!

I know, crazy right? I mean it only took him 2 1/2 years to figure out that sleeping is good! The best part of all of this besides the fact that momma is not going insane is that he is very proud of himself.

He ran into our room this morning and goes, "I sleep ALL night, momma!" I'm very proud of him too.

Brady has STTN for most of the last few weeks with a few exceptions but this is life changing people. I'm still tired most days but I'm starting to be able to STTN myself now too! Like I said, there have been a few nights where he has woken up but those are due to him feeling like crap from allergies (oh man, we are in for it this year if this is how they are already starting!) so that is understandable.

He might need 6 blankets, a horse, a kitty and a rubber spider in his bed AND three trash trucks (he is obsessed!) sleeping besides him in order to go to sleep but hey, I'm picking my battles here people!

Life with good sleep is a whole new world, I almost forgot what it is like! I'm almost spoiled enough now that when this new baby comes my world is going to be rocked!

Speaking of B2 (no, no names yet!) he is growing well! I had my 2nd anatomy scan since the first one he decided not to cooperate with anything besides showing his goods. They needed to get a better look at his heart and kidney's and we got the clear that it looks good! Whew! It was not easy though, the kid is in a funky spot, head down and face down so he refused to look at momma so no sweet profile pics for this kid's baby book. He's just nice and comfy in there I guess.

We discussed how everything is going well this time around (i started swelling by now with Brady) and hopefully that means delivery will go smoothly as well! I've been in a bit of a freak out mode that we have so much to do before this guy makes his entrance so I'm hoping we can at least get his room cleared out by the end of the month!

A name would be good too but that isn't looking good.

As a big reward for being such a big boy, we took him to Chuck E Cheese this weekend. Lesson learned. Never ever go back.

That is unless we want to feel good about ourselves as parents because I swear you will leave that place feeling like the most amazing parent EVER.

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kyna... said...

HOORAY BRADY!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! Now get some rest momma!
♥ Kyna